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strange issues, quicksilver 933, A board. slow speeds and lockups


i have a 933 quicksilver that i used for some months to copy cd's, image drives, some games, with zero issue. 10.4.6 and 9.2.2.  this system went into a closet and then i pulled it out again recently.  it would not boot, locking up at desktop wtih X and at the ATI extension on 9. with out extension 9 quit seeing the osX partition.  trying to reinstall it stopped allowing the SSD to be formatted so i swapped it to another one. kinda the same issue in that it kept saying the drive didnt have enough space to format o.O   its a new ssd out of box.

i have swapped PSU, CPU, Ram, HDD, sata PCI card, and IDE sata adapter.    eventually i have now gotten 10.4 reinstalled and it is booting but its VERY, VERY, VERY slow.  i suspect less than 20MB/s R/W for peak speeds to HDD. video performance on cinebench sitting a 127 for ti4600 - my other G4 gets over 700 on this same card.

im still testing things, currently imaging over a 10.5.9 os and then going to reinstall 9.2 but this is just so strange...

once i get 9 on this ill test gpu loading, with 10.5 ill test cpu/bus performance (maybe 10.4.6 lacks drivers? idk)

I would look into cables and connections (IDE, power) related to the drive.

And I see a SATA PCI card is in the list. So there are at least a SATA cable and a Molex to SATA power adapter involved. I would check them as well. SATA data and power connections had caused me trouble for years. IDE  and (4-pin) Molex connectors were much more reliable.

i lost this thread for a while, posted in the wrong spot.
i got it working but man it was rough, lots of little things going wrong.

i hope to have the rest of the parts this week so maybe, by this weekend, i can have it fully assembled.


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