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The following thread was started to gauge interest in updates to various parts of OS 9.
There has been a lot of great input from many.;

As I'm starting to get to a point where I can even start to develop some basic functionality I need to get a better idea of needs/requests.
I can not guarantee any of this will be implemented but I would like the input.
Once I've gotten these requests I will make a poll so that you can vote on what would be most important and I will use that come up with a development road plan.

This thread is for requests that are os level updates.

Here are some examples of OS Level items.
Support for newer logic board chipsets/controllers
New bus architectures (PCI-E, Firewire 800, USB 2)
Improved memory management
Better Multi-tasking
Low level drivers required for boot.
Pretty much anything that would belong in the Toolbox or System folder.


--- Quote ---Apple billed Mac OS 9 as including "50 New Features" and heavily marketed its Sherlock 2 software, which introduced a 'channels' feature for searching different online resources and introduced a QuickTime-like metallic appearance. Mac OS 9 also featured integrated support for Appleā€™s suite of Internet services known as iTools (later re-branded as .Mac, then MobileMe, which was replaced by iCloud) and included improved TCP/IP functionality with Open Transport 2.5.

Other features new to Mac OS 9 include:[5]

    Integrated support for multiple user accounts without using At Ease.
    Support for voice login through VoicePrint passwords.
    Keychain, a feature allowing users to save passwords and textual data encrypted in protected keychains.
    A Software Update control panel for automatic download and installation of Apple system software updates.
    A redesigned Sound control panel and support for USB audio.
    Speakable Items 2.0, also known as PlainTalk, featuring improved speech synthesis and recognition along with AppleScript integration.[6]
    Improved font management through FontSync.
    Remote Access Personal Server 3.5, including support for TCP/IP clients over Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).
    An updated version of AppleScript with support for TCP/IP.
    Personal File Sharing over TCP/IP.
    USB Printer Sharing, a control panel allowing certain USB printers to be shared across a TCP/IP network.
    128-bit file encryption in the Finder.
    Support for files larger than 2 GB.
    Unix volume support.
    CD Burning in the Finder (introduced in Mac OS 9.1).
    Addition of a 'Window' menu to the Finder (introduced in Mac OS 9.1)

--- End quote ---

See also

Here's a good definition of some of the things that are OS Level to help you understand what is allowed here.

@ Os level:
- Override the 1.5 Gb RAM limitation.
- Override the 2040 year limitation.
- G5 motherboard support.

@ User level:
- Quicktime H264 codec.
- USB 2.0 drivers.
- Drivers for faster video cards.
- HTML5 video suport.

I'm going to remove this one from the list of options people can vote on as this will be a good first attempt at patching the os.
So consider this one as being worked on.

--- Quote from: MacTron on November 12, 2015, 12:13:33 PM ---- Override the 2040 year limitation.

--- End quote ---

Let's hope it doesn't take 25 years!


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