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The question came after Gary mentioned he tracked down a custom ASIO driver for his M-audio interface that corrected issues that started after a Sonnet CPU upgrade.  He got the right tech that remembered that a modified driver was created to fix issues the CPU upgrade caused in systems with that particular card.  If Sonnet themselves modified these ASIO drivers, or did it in conjunction with M-Audio is still a mystery, also if they had issues with other manufacturers is also a mystery; I am guessing it was not "common knowledge" and only given to those who complained.

I am sure if others had problems they didn't connect the dots or even suspect the CPU upgrade compatibility issues with their specific ASIO driver... so others probably bought new hardware that did not have any issues and assumed their interface went bad... the usual fucking headache... lol
i have lots and lots of delta cards over here
and many many different versions of the drivers

what driver + asio version is being used?????
was that even answered in the thread yet?
I got a Sonnet 1.8 ghz where can i get this sonnet asio driver please?

Unfortunately, there is probably no "universal" Sonnet ASIO driver or patch...
I should tell you that ever since getting the modified-for-Sonnet Delta ASIO driver they have happily lived in the ASIO folders snuggled up to the Sound Manager drivers without issue,

You probably have to pray that for your specific audio card that Sonnet or a 3rd party (Audio card manufacturer) created a modified ASIO driver that works when the Sonnet CPU upgrade is installed; this may be extremely hard to track down... if one even exists for your hardware.
I got a Sonnet 1.8 ghz where can i get this sonnet asio driver please?
After receiving a PM, and answering it, I am also going to post this publicly.  In addition, and I will try to also attach this info to any downloads where I forgot to mention this very important fact

Any downloaded files with the ".bin" extension are totally useless (even toast images) until the encoding (.bin) is removed with stuffit expander.

After the download of any "BIN" you must either right click the file and choose from the Stuffit expand help Help Menu "remove encoding" or simply drag it onto stuffit expander and it will remove encoding and restore the file to a usable state (such as a toast/ISO, or compressed .sit)

Toast does NOT understand BIN, either does any other app, you must remove encoding, this was done so toast files (any other files) will retain their icon after encoding is removed

I am so so sorry to have not realized that this was unclear :(

For Reference: (As explained elsewhere):
Why are Mac OS 9 downloads so difficult ?

Most of our files have been encoded into MacBinary format (.bin) so that the data and the resource fork of the file will not be damaged when storing the Macintosh file on a non-Macintosh system. Classic Mac OS files are different in structure; other file systems (Windows) use file extensions to associate files with the program/application that created them.  For example, on PC systems, files with the ".DOC" extension, when clicked will launch MicroSoft Word as the associated program.  Classic Mac OS files have a "Resource" fork that stores the files CREATOR info and TYPE. This enables the Classic Mac OS to know the program/application that will utilize the file and the type of file that it is in case that program can open multiple file types.

In the case where the uploaded/downloaded file is a stuffit archive... then encoding (.bin) is not needed if the user knows to either drag it on top of StuffIt expander or open StuffIt and uncompress it manually... so it is basically re-dun dent since the stuffit archive itself will protect all of the contained files resource and data forks, but I am encoding everyfile (including SITs) for a convention/standard.... if the file being downloaded is an installable application file then the encoding (.bin) will ensure that the resource fork is not striped off in the upload/download process and this is where the encoding becomes more critical so that the file can retain it's original icon after the "bin" is removed

As they say in Italian... capische ?
Re. disabling devices - here's the relevant post by nanopico:,2727.msg20833.html#msg20833

Thanks! Amazing you spotted that, that was quite buried in there. I will give this a try hopefully this week, slowly guttering my device tree, starting with some likely culprits. Let's hope we get a happy Mac and no bricked Mac. 8)

@Jubadub did you have any luck with this? I ended up coming back to this a few weeks ago to see if I could disable some devices to allow sleep. I didn't get very far, when trying to disable a lot of the devices OFW would tell me that the devices don't actually exist.
Oh... that's the first time I experience this here, downloaded plenty of stuff before...
I just used the shortcut you mention and got the thing from the repository.
Yeah... this became an issue for the last 8 years, no legacy file hosting available, so you always need a "modern" machine or a friend with one to get stuff and burn it for you; Maybe I should just "nuke" all the downloads if I am inconveniencing people, there is always the garden :(
I innocently came by today to download Reason 2.5.  I go to member's download section, click on the link for Reason, and then I get this warning my browser is obsolete and I must "update" it. Meanwhile I can't download anything...
My system is a G4 Imac running OSX 10.4.11. I use the last version of TenFourFox.
I know it's obsolete. But hey, this website deals with stuff OS9, sure can't imagine how someone with a real OS9 setup will be able to download anything from there then...
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