Author Topic: I made Modern API Documentation for Mac OS 9.  (Read 857 times)

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I made Modern API Documentation for Mac OS 9.
« on: April 18, 2024, 05:09:53 PM »
I started becoming interested in Mac programming recently and was quite disappointed in the lack of good documentation for the C/C++ functions. Outside of literal scans of books, the only thing I could find was the Apple website which was only avaliable via Wayback Machine and had a horrible interface (a search bar that no longer worked)

So I took matters into my own hands.

This is generated via the header files from the copy of Universal Interfaces that I got with CodeWarrior 8. It's actually so new that it's intended for Carbon developers, but the functions that were removed in Carbon are still documented here.

Unfrotunately, "documented" is very literal here. It turns out Apple was horrible at documentation; many functions are not described and most struct fields are not either. I could probably find more information if I sat down and fully combed through the books, and if I do, I'm probably going to add it to this site. But in the mean time, this is better then what I found before.

I also invite anybody who has the time/knowledge to submit a pull request to the GitHub repo for the docs.

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Re: I made Modern API Documentation for Mac OS 9.
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2024, 07:05:22 PM »
This is an amazing resource!! Thank you lolxD!

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Re: I made Modern API Documentation for Mac OS 9.
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2024, 02:19:35 AM »
Nice initiative! Yes, this sort of work is very much needed for more and better Mac OS 9.2.2 development!

I myself wanted to do this way back in 2021, until things... happened. And life priorities shifted. But I always wanted to see an initiative like yours become reality.

It may not be fully fleshed out yet, but what you got is already incredibly helpful, and it is good enough to encourage others to get started on developing their own Mac OS 9 apps.

Currently I'm working on a REALbasic DR1r33 project (with help of later versions to target certain additional platforms), but after that I have plans for another project, and that will likely be in pure ANSI C89 / ISO C90 (while still conforming with K&R C), using probably Fantasm 6 and the final version of Apple's MrC compiler. Once that is ongoing, your page will be of great help, and I will gladly submit a merge (AKA pull) request to your Git repo if I think I can flesh out any of the sections there.

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Re: I made Modern API Documentation for Mac OS 9.
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2024, 02:35:48 AM »
This is GOLD! I can't the amount of times I have searched everywhere for some documentation on a API I stumbled upon and found... Nothing.

Great job!
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