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yes, many FW connections are notoriously risky, extending the 'hot-pluggable' into frying domain. We burnt a lot of disk cases, until we realized it wasn't the cheapo chinese built quality, but the connection...
In that case the device isn't visible to the OS and wouldn't show up in system info anymore.
If you 'see' the interface connected, there's still the chance something is damaged, but at low probability - and tracking that down to the source is close to impossible.
You can measure voltages at chip's supply pins (look up the diagram), but it's quite fiddly for boards are sealed and may not make immediate connection with the probe - and since the circuit is 'live' you shouldn't slip.

After all I'd rather discourage the procedure. You don't seem familiar with cuircuit board handling and what would you do if you find a wrong voltage ?
Without a circuit diagram and you'd have to figure out the design yourself.
To check the unit it doesn't need OS-9. Any other computer with FW connection would do, so take it to a friend, a 'friendly' store or wherever.
Guessing from inside pics I've seen, it's not a particular great piece of audio technology, so you may take the unfortunate event as an opportunity to 'upgrade'. Old digital audio gear is dead cheap today.
I used pendrive as a synonym for USB stick. It's USB2 and I used the MacMini for storage/controller speed comparison (wouldn't make sense in OS9's low speed transmission).
There's a lot of difference in internal controllers of such storage cards, which I learned when searching one for a Roland SP808 sampler. All failed, with a wide variance of errors.

Those Buffalo sticks were only produced for a short period (4 and 8GB SLC memory) and cost $80 per 4GB.
I have a USB reader similar to the one pictured but it doesn't read higher capacity cards... maybe up to 1 or 2GB or so.
Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: Booting Mac Os 9 on Mac Mini.
« Last post by mrhappy on Today at 12:31:33 AM »
Drum roll please!!!!! ;D
Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: Booting Mac Os 9 on Mac Mini.
« Last post by ELN on January 21, 2018, 11:57:42 PM »

Things that need to be disabled:
  • PMU
  • USB
  • Extensions (not sure which ones)
As discussed here (just search the site) Toast 4.1 can make images of some copy protected CDs with a few "tweaks".  Toast 5 took those options away :(

So 4 is the best to make an archive quality image
Think we discussed this before, I have to search, but V3.x was floppy authorized and 4 moved to "Challenge" / "response" codes, 5 needs nothing, but our official toast image
Video Cards, Monitors, & Displays / Re: Suggestion for graphics card
« Last post by DieHard on January 21, 2018, 10:40:21 PM »
Exactly, an external Power Supply (not very cheap) is needed...

The Dr Bott Stuff is the most common

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
DAW - Vision & Studio Vision by Opcode / Re: Drum matrix weirdness
« Last post by Syntho on January 21, 2018, 09:56:53 PM »

Well. I tried and tried but I could not duplicate this problem. With cursor quantization on, it's impossible to "land" anywhere other that on the increments set. With quantization off, the cursor will land anywhere you click it - not repeatedly in a "4 beats & change" position. This seems to be true even if you crank up the play offsets and/or everything else incorrectly.

Weird. The counter will never land on an even beat (always goes to 420 ticks/units). When I select a portion to edit, the edit indicators go from 1:4:420 to 2:4:420 for example (when trying to select measure 2 to 3). I actually just noticed that which amount of ticks it lands on depends on how far zoomed in I am. The grid size and the cursor quantization have nothing to do with it either. As soon as I switch over to the graphic view within the drum matrix, the problem is fixed. I just trashed SVP's preferences and that didn't help either.

It seems to do this only when I'm in the drum matrix editing a drum track, with the little drum icon ticked on the sequence window for it, and when I've got Display set to Matrix instead of graphic in the drum editing window.
Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware / Re: Booting Mac Os 9 on Mac Mini.
« Last post by ELN on January 21, 2018, 09:44:22 PM »
The next crash was in the USBFamilyExpertLib. Skipping over it gets us this far. Promising!
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