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There was a shit ton of stuff uploaded over time that hasn't been posted yet.
Well, that was the problem... it was a ton of SHIT... basically folders with no screenshots, no explanations, and tons of Warez ZIP archives.  There were a few exceptions like Enabler who had everything organized and ready to post, you also made an effort (so you know how hard it is) and I got the PT stuff that you organized up :)

Since you have FTP access if there are any "gems" we should add, please create new folders and provide the usual DieHard requirements: 1 Upload per folder (can be more than 1 file if it includes updates, directions and other info for the same app/plugin), a screenshot, and a detailed description with version number, SN#, and functionality.

On top of transferring everything to a new server, can we also - pretty please - have some sort of new moderator/admin that can sort through uploads and post them?
Yes, please get started...thanks in advance :)

Maybe Knez grabbed it off the FTP before it went POOF?
Knez had a mirror, I have old backups, so maybe we can make a "sort thru" folder and dump it all, there are a few variables, some members did NOT want everything to go public (so I wish they did not upload those particular items), so that has to be respected and figured out also :(
Update: seems like the card doesn't work at all! I tried it in an MDD FW800 running Tiger and got no signs of life from the card. Looking at it more closely I should have returned it straight away - there's what almost looks like a burn mark on the PCB itself (although oddly enough far from any active components that I could see, so maybe it's actually corrosion) and the metal shields around the USB ports are actually rusty!

btw, are you aware that you might need that extra driver from apple to run generic usb/fw PCI cards without device driver? only in OS9 that is an included feature.

Are you implying that we have accepted a member that owns ONLY 1 Mac ?!

This upsets me greatly...hehe

no, i was more thinking about the members which have so many macs in their factory hall that afirewire cable might not be long enough.

joke aside, plugging cables can be a real pain depending on the situation. thee more minis you have, the more you will feel the need to build a custom case, and even in my living room there is so much gear on my tables that all my cables are led behind it.
My favorite Desktops are the Quicksilver and PM9600.

Favorite AIO's are the G3 AIO and the iMac G4.

Favorite portables are the PB3400c and the PB G4 12".
Do the 30-day, no-cost, introductory “join-up” with ADrive
to get what you want/need… while you can.

As for off-site storage of anything (freakin’ Cloud stuff too)… it’s a pain,
but on-site archival storage is the best, safest bet. (We all know this, just
don’t like the harsh-reality admission.)

Kill off OS 9, murder the Power PC chip. Switch to Intel and now
change it again… but we just keep paying for the new technology
and throw away the supposed, previous disposable incarnations?

Well, maybe some of us. Apple Care(s).
Keep trying to push-upgrade my iPhone to iOS 11 point-whatever
and I'll just keep throwing that away before it can install. A better
mouse trap for "better" mice?

Train keeps moving, you pays mo money.
Nothing personal mind you, only business.

Re-invent the freakin’ wheel and then sell it back to them again.
                                                                       - Arthur A. Luddite?

Maybe need a full-time archivist?

Next sermon shall be on Faith and Trust.
                                      -Rev. F. deBongo

Pardon the rant. Just acquired a Core 2 Duo - Mac mini out of sheer curiosity.
Only to discover the possible, inherent HEAT... China Syndrome side-effect.

There are tricks to under volting the Core2, they run much less Heat that way.

Reggie SE is you friend.
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: 9.2.3
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 05:18:48 AM »
In the attachment you see the Unicode console with wcin and wcout.
Hacking the System, Mac OS 9.3, and Beyond ! / Re: 9.2.3
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 05:15:35 AM »
I just updated the website. I reverted from php to htm.

I improved the Macros extension. You can have key series with modifiers. There's also a macro recorder and a program that checks the macros.

My INITs will now send eventual error messages to DebugWindow.

I rewrote the program which writes my website because there were problems with checking the dates. If you write a large Scheme program then you should use classes to avoid errors.

New in the SDK:
- I embedded Scheme in another program.
- I updated Apple's MLTE SDK to CW Pro 6.2.
- I downgraded MLTE Demo from CW Pro 7 to 6.2.

What I've done recently, but what I don't publish because it was just a Banshee derivative, is a console which can read and write Unicode with streams (wcin and wcout). I'm thinking about a neater solution. This should be a complete MLTE program with Text Services and wcin and wcout.
Apparently they connect to different outputs of the 9200 graphics system.

holy crap.

and a warm welcome. ;)
There was a shit ton of stuff uploaded over time that hasn't been posted yet.

i feel the same sometimes... but my 25 years of experience with this issue is that too much democracy quickly ends up in a total chaos.

so i would leave it like it is and let only DH and MT decide what belongs to the "official" downloads and what not.

p.s. (of course we have two new additions on the to do list, which is graphics/video apps and freeware.)

I had some limited success with the Bugsy 'NDRV' from the ATI ROM Xtender for the 9200 Hot Fix.

On a VGA display it would list every VGA mode the 9200 could display @4:3, and every refresh rate.

This could be used as a work a round for those having display issues with the Mini, it's less than ideal, as choosing a mode your display can't sync to or having a 3D game changing the display mode could be problematic.

I haven't tested it with 16:9 displays, or Digital, so YMMV.

To test it, we resort to a dirty Open Firmware hack:

Code: [Select]
dev agp/@10/@0
" ATY,Bugsy" encode-string " compatible" property

This allows us to use the 'NDRV' of Bugsy from the ATI ROM Xtender v1.2 installed from the Hot Fix, without having to remove the RockHopper2 'NDRV' I made for the Mini.

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