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I did use HD hardware with OS9 and PT 5.3.1. All plugins I had in 5.1.3 with MIX hardware worked as long as you kept bit/khz at the most 24bit/48khz.
MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: Mac OS 9 Lossless audio playback/m4a
« Last post by Astroman on Today at 02:26:45 AM »
you may consider a streaming app running on your NAS (or using the NAS drive) that re-encodes m4a to a format which can be received in OS9.
I have an iPad 1, 2 (wife's) and Air2 running IOS 5, 7 and 9.
(a couple of images saved in old iTunes, but unfortunately not the full sequence of releases)
I'm not shure if I could restore old stuff with iTunes disconnected from the net - didn't dare just for fun yet.
Recently had to update my wife's to version 9 for her favourite internet sites refused to work in version 7. It's definitely less responsive, but that seems to be related to context switching mostly, not app performance.

Though IOS is a different thing there are a lot of parallels to classic MacOS, imho it fits quit well to the context of this board. In particular considering it's use in music, which seems a core theme here.
I drive all midi stuff in Pro Tools from either the iPad One or Air-2 and transfer audio snippets between both worlds (much improved by a Synology NAS recently)

Network support (or rather the lack of) is the most important flaw of older IOS versions.
The IOS music environment seems to get a similiarly low attention by Apple like in classic MacOS, leaving most of that field to third parties like Digidesign.

IOS has a very powerful DSP environment, which beats most VSTs and brings some 'modern' processing not available in classic MacOS (granular and wavetable synthesis).
The most welcome aspect: the 'soundprint' of IOS is very different from the early TDM stuff - they complement each other realky nice.
(btw this doesn't apply to each and every app, but to about 30-40 selected ones)

You will have a hard time to find a more convincing virtual analog than (say) Zeeon or wavetable synths like the PPG apps by Wolfgang Palm.
Driving a TDM Virus by something like TC-Data lifts the oldie into never heard before sound areas.
My personal bottomline: whatever Apple's shitty company policy may be or become - as long as they keep their entry fee at 500 bucks, any IOS system is a bargain for the functionality it provides. Turn off the Siri chatterbox, disconnect it from the net and all it's social rubbish and enjoy.

Back to the original question:
you can only restore old images with old iTunes versions that sign the image offline
iFunBox can transfer single purchases from your own archives between your devices
(very useful, but may not always yield expected results when moving content to a different IOS version)
Otherwise you have to go the jailbreak path, as mentioned above.



i had problems dumping patches to a Waldorf Microwave 1. it accepts a large dump of data, very fast but it is very picky about how it receives it (speed, rate, packet size??).

OSX 10.11, Mac Mini 2014, with Edirol UM-550 - didn't work with various settings applied to sysex librarian. Microwave reports 'Bulk midi Error'  :o

OS9 G4 MDD and Unisyn 2.0 and the Steath serial card with a Studio 5LX - same problem.  I tried various speeds, rates etc via adjusting settings in OMS as the Studio 5LX has various settings and it can also emulate midi time piece.  :(

OS8.1 840AV Quadra and Unisyn 1.4 and a midiman 1in1out - it works every time, no hitches.  :D

Is the 840AV serial midi just more reliable in this instance?  Any opinions?

MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: Mac OS 9 Lossless audio playback/m4a
« Last post by Naiw on January 15, 2018, 10:46:22 PM »
Apple didn't use AAC before 2003. No point it looking in old iTunes releases.

It's unlikely any OS 9 product supported AAC.
Pro Tools TDM / Mix / HD / Turbosynth 2.23
« Last post by CurtisC on January 15, 2018, 08:30:54 PM »
Has anybody found Turbosynth 2.23 online, anywhere? I am trying to find a downloadable version. I have 2.22.
is there any existing list that shows final versions of apps for os9.22?
are any iOS discussions allowed on the macos9lives site?

i wanted to ask if anyone has any secret tips on downgrading iOS version on older iOS devices...
for example, i own an Iphone 4s and an Ipad 2 that i *WISH* i could downgrade to a previous version of iOS
 i think both are running iOS version 9.xx and they are both very much slower then they used to be in the past...  im wondering if anyone here has any iOS devices from the past (2010/2011/2012)
that they have successfully downgraded

i know its not an easy task but i never really researched if it was possible..
or maybe i was too lazy to take the steps required..

it still bothers me that the new-apple gets away with selling 500$+ devices that dont allow u to downgrade your own device freely.. what a sham

heres an example of the type of videos that can be found on youtube
heres a video that showcases how well ios6 runs on the iphone4s;
heres another video that discusses using ios6 on older ios devices in 2017

another video showing downgrade + jailbreak
apparently it works for ipad 2 aswell!
MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: Mac OS 9 Lossless audio playback/m4a
« Last post by macStuff on January 15, 2018, 05:50:38 PM »
itunes v2.04 is the last version for os9 according to these posts:,1570.msg7243.html#msg7243

download here on the garden:

for those interested in a brief overview of itunes history:,
MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: Mac OS 9 Lossless audio playback/m4a
« Last post by macStuff on January 15, 2018, 02:24:42 PM »
i think you should be able to use an old version of itunes?
pretty sure i remember itunes working with .m4a format
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