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I use  Xeno XL-050F (1/2AA type) batteries and they’re about
2-$3.00 U.S. locally. If you search for “1/2 AA battery
you might be able to find less-expensive (than the SAFT’s)
lithium batteries. Even Duracell and Energizer offer them.
(Duracell 2-pack from CDW for $2.99.)

And, as the MDD (and the RAM) worked fine before… you
might want to get a new battery before buying any new RAM?
I was under the assumption that these pram batteries are rechargeable but there are NOT it seems so I have to replace them obviously if they are flat.

I bought SAFT LS14250 C the last time which is what they had available around here (I'm located in Spain).
I read a comment that the batteries last a lot less when the machine they are put into is disconnected during long periods of time which sounds reasonable knowing now that they aren't rechargeable.

If you can recommend me any other brand I'm listening.

For sure I will cycle the machines now more to prevent discharging and even take out the battery from the spare machine.

I'm also now searching some RAM replacement.
Can you recommend me where to buy it ?
Two of the five minis here are pristine… tops are clear and appear white (like new). Three of them are yellowed and it doesn’t seem to be a surface yellow from smoke, dirt etc. It’s more like prolonged exposure to UV (and possibly heat) as the yellowing seems to be under the surface, between the white layer and the clear top surface. I’ve seen the same yellowing effect on outdoor signs, painted on the back side of clear plexiglas. (Seems dependent upon UV exposure, type of paint/coating, age, or the color used.)

Even from the backside (from what can be seen with the top off) the white coating seems consistent and uniformly yellowed and not just in the area where no thin metal shielding is present (wifi and bluetooth “cut-out” areas). Don’t think retrobrite will change this. At first I considered a white vinyl application (trimmed exactly with an X-acto knife) to “cover” these yellowed ones but have since just accepted the fact that they’re yellow. (My OCD in temporary remission.)

As for overclocking… think Roman78 and Ninester have done so. Maybe PM them? Further info:,4408.msg31058.html#msg31058

Ninester overclocked his 1.42GHz mini (SSD installed) and his MacBench results exceeded mine (1.5 GHz). I believe that he and I both are now running the Ableconn/Zheino SSD combos. (I still need to post those final results here.),4435.0.html

Do please run MacBench on your micro SD once installed and post those results. Always checking “bang-for-the-buck” cost/performance comparisons.

Oh, and a somewhat belated "Welcome to the forum"! ;)
Yesterday I welcomed a brandnew old MDD to my little Mac-family and fed him a new harddrive as well as a beautiful fresch installation of OS9. It will be my personal workplace in a small private music school. There will be raised eyebrows, as all the other computers there are PCs, but I'm certain that my grin will prevail. Today I'm gonna make a few minor additions, like installing the driver for the brandnew old Tascam FW1804 I bought for this MDD and do a little recording to see if everything works.
And tomorrow I will browse the net in search for the next family member  :D
Easy. My trusted G4 Digital Audio 2x533 MHz. This thing was incredibly expensive, but it stuck with me through all this time, the only piece of electronics that has never let me down and still works today - 17 years and counting. Hell yeah!  -afro-
if anyone has the original 9.1 restore + install cd from the digital audio series please speak up! it appears its not available anywhere

I haven't been here in a while, so maybe this has already been solved... but yes, I do have the original CDs that came with the Digital Audio back then - because I actually bought this machine back then - still works like a charm  8)

So if you want it, it's yours. I do need instructions on how to make it available, though, I'm not much of a computer guy  :o
Seeing as you are running OS 9 on the Mac mini, I'd say it would only be worth overclocking if you were ever thinking of running Leopard on it. Tiger and below seem to run very fast on lower spec Mac minis you see.

I'm not sure about Retrobrite on the Mac mini, because the top case looks a bit different to thin plastic, which is what I see most people use it on. You'll have to see what others say about that.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: The 2040 issue.
« Last post by OS923 on Today at 02:20:05 AM »
If anyone wants to install Timbuktu 8.8.5 on High Sierra or Mojave easily you can use my installer package that I have made, you will only need 1 restart (after package installs). Just make sure when you are installing it you click on Customize and select the "High Sierra & Mojave Patches". You will not loose the Mac OS Screen Saver.

Heres the pkg:
General Hardware Discussions / Mac Mini G4 Questions/General Excitement
« Last post by TheGrandPubaa on July 22, 2018, 07:52:01 PM »
I'm waiting anxiously as my computer ships from California across the United States, but in the meantime, i'm attempting to quell my excitement by planning my first few moves. From what I was able to ascertain from the limited information on the listing, it has a yellowed top and comes with just the mini and the power brick. 40GB drive is in it, and presumably it functions, but after this many years, who knows? I bought a 1GB ram stick to upgrade from the current 512MB. I have a Sintechi SD to IDE adapter I have used in various other projects(replacing the DOM on a thin client, as a hard drive for a modded PS2, etc.) and I just picked up a 64GB micro SD card with the intention of at least trying to use it as a replacement/upgraded hard drive.

I had a couple of questions, naturally. I've done a bit of reading on the concept of overclocking the 1.25GHZ mini to the 1.5GHZ range, and i'm trying to decide if it is risky or not. It looks like the process simply involves removing certain of 4 resistors on the bottom of the motherboard. I have done a bit of soldering recently, installing a Coolrunner glitch chip into one Xbox 360, performing the JTAG hack on another(involves reading/writing the nand, soldering resistors/transistors to the motherboard), and so on. Would this be something I should be extremely nervous about, or is it relatively easy, straightforward, and stable?

Another question I had is in regards to the yellowing top of the case. Is this the same phenomenon as seen in older beige box PCs/Macs where the bromine is seeping to the surface due to years of UV exposure/heat exposure? If so, can the top white portion of the Mac Mini case undergo Retrobrite treatment without damaging the case?
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