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Hellcats Over the pacific - on Mac OS 9.2.2

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Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but is there anyone around who knows a lot about ResEdit and what changed between Mac OS 9.0(.4) and 9.2.2? I'm asking because I'm trying to run said game on 9.2.2 where instead of the lovely unshaded polygon scenery there is only blackness. This is apparently a known incompatibility, which started in 9.1 where ground objects started to jump around constantly, then in 9.2 there's only blackness.

I'm pretty sure this is fixable with some hacking: my guess is that either some Colour QuickDraw backwards compatibility layer was removed, or maybe part of the 68k dynamic recompilation done in the Mac OS ROM (nanokernel) was crippled in favour of producing cleaner code on PowerPC.. but I really don't know where to start so some help would be appreciated - or just tell me (preferably in a detailed response) why I'm wasting my time and there's an OS 9 native build of SheepShaver somewhere that would happily run on my Hack Mini G4.. :)

Thanks in advance.

Hope you get an answer on this as I am having the same problem and used to love this game!

so after a few years and getting better acquainted with mac os 9 i'm pretty certain this is because of some backwards compatibility in the ROM was removed after 9.1 where hellcats atill works perfectly.
if only someone could help me in getting a 9.1 ROM working on my mac mini to test the theory..

Being an avid Hellcats fan since the 90's (perhaps THE essential 90's Mac game for me personally :-) ) I've been following your thread, hoping you could find a solution. (note to myself: My Pismo runs 9.0.4 so I need to check if it runs on there.)

Have the sources for Hellcats ever been showing up somewhere? Has anyone tried to contact Eric Parker about it? Taking the sources and recompiling the game might be the easier way than getting a 9.1 ROM working on the Mini? (though that would be an interesting project and one I'd love to see!)

The issue probably has to do with resource (fork?) compression/decompression. This feature was (for no good reason?) removed in 9.1. There's quite a list of software that got affected by this, such as After Dark, and possibly also Power MachTen, although the former got a patch fix for it, and the latter even an official patch fix.

If you can bring this ability back to 9.1, and thus also 9.2, 9.2.1, and 9.2.2, it might fix the problem entirely, and also fix a bunch of other software.

I don't think it has anything to do with the "ROM" file: if you install Mac OS 9.2.2 on an Old World ROM machine (using i.e. OS9Helper), you will most likely encounter the exact same issues.

Also, when you ask for "version 9.1 of the ROM", do you mean a ROM file included with some release of Mac OS 9.1, or a ROM file whose version is "9.1"?


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