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Brian Deuel:
For those interested, I've gathered all of the working Classilla themes that I could find, via Wayback Machine and other random sites that still exist, and put them all up on a page so others could install or download them if they so desire. I included shots of each theme and a javascript installer (that I took from one of the archived pages) on the page.

I've tested many different themes and these are the ones that truly work. If anyone knows of any others to add to the page, let me know using the email address listed on the page.

nice job collecting these

i miss these days of computing when things were skinnable + Customizable..

Brian Deuel:
Found more themes, so updated today with 12 new themes (now currrently 25) and more to hopefully come...

Brian Deuel:
Now up to 41, with most likely no more to be found. Keep an eye on the page for updates from here on (if there are any more)...

Brain, a quick "Thanks a lot" from my side. Just headed to the forums in search of exactly something like that. Now downloading and fiddling with some of the themes. Awesome! :)


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