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Roland/Dinaware Ballade 1.11

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hey mactron.. i could use this old version of excel;) i dont think i have.. ;)
u know i love to make spreadsheets ;) LOL


I thought i understood midi connections but obviously i don't.

I am really struggling with "hearing the music".

In my OMS studio my keyboard is connected and i can hear it when i select "test".

Then when I launch Ballade no music.

I am running the midi and audio thru a Audiophile 2496 USB to capture both audio and midi using my iMac G3.

The Info, Tips & Trics no where because it's not linked.

Could you give us a clue where all those components are hand filed.  I seem to recall that if you dropped a file on the System Folder it will place it were it should go.  No luck here.

Attach a picture of your Apple Patchbay connections, Please.
The problem may be there, I think.

MacTron ,

My mistake, Apple Midi Manager was parked in the wrong place in System folder.  I finally realized that  when I launched Ballade and it did not show signing into Apple Midi Manager. For some unknown reason I thought it should be in the Extension folder with Midi Manager. Another clue i missed was when I launched Apple Patch Bay there were no virtual midi cables between Ballade and Apple Midi Manager. Whereas if the Apple Midi Manager and Midi Manager are placed correctly Ballade will make the correct corrections.  Now we hear music. Thank you for your subtle clue.

I'm glad that you finally put this app in to work...


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