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why ask me? cant you make links frm your members directory?

just a quick update:

tried some vnc-viewer and server combinations. they were all laggy and unstable. tried kdx, the screen sharing is also not good. found timbuktu on macintosh garden and it works! great software, you can access the screen of your other macs in realtime! MUCH better than vnc imho.


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on April 11, 2014, 12:04:14 AM ---why ask me? cant you make links frm your members directory?

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Please share my uploads

I just want to add to this.
I have a companion Windows PC for running Omnisphere and a few other plugins, and Timbuktu between Windows 7 and OS 9 was too choppy and slightly buggy for my needs.

I've been playing around with different server/client combinations, even going as far as trying Java VNC viewers on the old MRJ/JRE1.x that Apple provided for OS9 (it was not pretty!) and I have found my personal "goldilocks" configuration:

Server: TightVNC 2.7
Client: VNC Viewer FAT (otherwise known as the AT&T VNC Viewer client beta2) - the filename being vnc-3.3.2beta2_mac.sit.hqx, which I found here:

Having tried VNCThing, on the surface it looked like it was going to work fine until I started playing around with some VSTs hosted on the Win7 machine - it seemed to be failing to redraw parts of the screen and click and drag behavior had a 50/50 chance of working or causing mayhem.

This older VNC client to my amazement is actually working with a very smooth, very impressive framerate, and clicking/dragging so far is not a problem. This is (was) a beta version however, so there's every chance a bug might come up that I haven't found yet, but so far so good!

I have not played around with any options on the client - it is using hextile by default and so far its working so well that I don't feel I need to try anything else. For the server however, I had changed the screen polling cycle to 30ms - as low as it would go. That could be an indication of why its working so smooth.

I did have trouble finding this VNC version, so if someone has a way to preserve this file somewhere more reliable, please do it ASAP!


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