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AFP file servers For windows os provide proper apple file sharing support?

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anyone ever used this software?

AFP server for windows machines to serve files to mac clients:

another AFP server program


1) I have used the Built in AFP with NT Server SP4... works pretty well... a few speed issues but good overall (Never ran it over gigabit)

2) I Have used Novell Netware 3/4/5 and they all totally kick ass with AFP and Mac Name space... no issues whatsoever... fastest software RAID ever created with full hard drive elevator seeking and Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ). And you only need a PIII... I have seen a PIII host over 30 Mac Clients and 40 Windows clients on the same server simultaneously.


i think this *REALLY* deserves another look.....
i think most of u didnt really see whats going on here..
file server software that runs on windows.. that communicates with macs via AFP (rather then FTP or SMB etc)

the claim "extremely fast file server for mac clients" definately falls in line with my experiences with using AFP on my own network for file transfers..... which is why i talked so much about using FreeNAS/Nas4free... But if this does the same thing, then it would allow me to use the same box as a fileserver and also as a windows 7 workstation.. because seems to be compatible with windows 7!!!

--- Quote ---MacServerIP 9.0
extremely fast file server for Mac clients

Download a fully functional trial version of MacServerIP. Please ensure that you do not unzip the setup file into a path with long file names or spaces and do not unzip it on a Macintosh, otherwise the setup.exe will fail.

MacServerIP 9.0 Server for Intel processors;
for Windows 2003 Standard/Web; NT/2000/XP/Win 2008/Windows 7/Vista x32/x64 Server+Workstation/Professional (build 02.236; <5 MB)

MacServerIP 9.0 Workstation for Intel processors;
inexpensive version for NT Workstation, 2000 and XP Professional /Win 2008/Windows 7/Vista x32/x64 (build 02.236; <5 MB)

MacServerIP 9.0 Cluster for Intel processors;
for Windows 2003 Datacenter/Enterprise; 2000 Datacenter/Advanced;  NT Cluster (build 02.236; <5 MB)
--- End quote ---

the installer is only 4MB

i just installed very easily..
it creates a folder on your C: drive called C:\MacServerIPVolume

switched over to my quicksilver 933mhz.. opened chooser.. typed in the ip of the windows 7 machine..
prompted me for a user + pass to which i entered my windows 7 username + password
and the share was mounted instantly... it was empty at first.. i copied a file into the directory
went back to my mac.. and saw the file there immediately... without any refresh or anything..

i just tested it with a 1gb file.. and it seemed to be doing.. a little over 10MB per second..
which isnt over the top amazing..  but it seems to work well enough!

remember that the biggest benefit with AFP is the built in proper support for both resource + data forks
allowing u to drag files frm your mac to any afp share.. in ways that you could not over FTP or SMB (the resource forks would become damaged)

too bad i've just realized this is only a 20 day trial and it costs $200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need to find a free alternative (other than Freenas/Nas4free) that would allow
proper AFP filesharing between modern windows os + our beloved mac os 9!!! (aswell as powerpc mac osx)

i never even checked these out fully
because noone responded to my thread after diehard..

the other option :

supports mac os 9 through mavericks.. Works for me:)


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