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a piece of history .... Movies like Gladiator have been cut on it.

btw if you ever buy a system like that first thing you should do is scan that hard drive and try to restore what you can and just maybe you get the needed pref files to have that m100 system running.
borisfx bought all of it and they might even be able to help you out. after all the serials are on that board. giving up is easy. i called quiet a few companys in the past to get going with some outdated stuff

Hi there, I just got my hands on a quicksilver 833mhz Mac and it came with this.  I haven't tested it or seen if any of the software is installed but I was just curious of anyone knows about this.  I can't find any pictures on the internet about this device..  the interface alone is fairly straight forward.  i see it's a video / audio capture / playback device but it's the massive card inside that makes me wonder about other abilities it might have.

Is it an official M100 product or something third party?  it makes me think of the Video Toaster back in my early Amiga days, not that I had anything like this (video hardware was totally out of my price range back then)

I'm going to hook it all up soon to see if I can get it to work.  I have CDs and s/ns i believe for the software

It also came with two external SCSI-2 Hard drive enclosures (each with 2 HDs in them). 


So a quick update on mine.. maybe a bit of a unicorn..  I have this QS I bought.  took that and made it a dedicated OS9 box for music as intended and all is well..     but i took the card and interface over to my old(er) sawtooth.

I was able to do an install if (don't yell at me) OSX Tiger 10.4 on it so I could install the CDs it came with..   it was close because the only valid s/n I have was for 8.1.1 and it wouldn't work with the initial install disks.. but I had the update and thankfully the update could install without the software being activated first and once patched up it accepted the S/N

So I have that working..  now I'm trying to find some devices to hook up to it to test and be sure the card is in fact working with the interface..   one of the pins was kinda bent but i think i managed to line it up successfully to slide in and all should be well..  we'll see.

If anyone has any of those option cards around that they can't use, I'd love to see if i could get this board maxed out.  :)

It accepted the SN because the SN has to be regenerated for every Version/Update/Upgrade aka Hardware bound. This SN will only work with that Version and that Hardware.


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