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Are there images for installs of Media 100i? That's what I'd like to do, is find a clean install of Media100i and use the software key I got as part of the package I bought (if that's possible). I've done a few cursory Internet searches and came up empty. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I even went back in time on the Media 100 website and found and old ftp address where they had legacy versions posted but it wasn't archived, unfortunately.

I did know about that patch you can use to get OS 9 working on a MD FW 800, but didn't want to lose the throughput of the firewire 800. If I can get Media100 to run under OS X, that will be fine for now.

Mostly, this little project is for nostalgic purposes. I cut my teeth on a Media 100 system and to this day I remember liking it more than FCP and Premiere I used during the 2000s. I have FCP 5 installed on my MDD and have been editing old footage of family events and the time it takes to render things is ridiculous. Editing on a 9600 using Media 100 was so much better.

I use FCP currently for work on an up-to-date Macbook Pro and it flies, but there's something comforting about the thought of of going back and experiencing how things were. I guess it's similar to people who still like to tinker and drive old vintage cars.

yea i'm not aware of any images like that.  i don't think it's going to come to that anyway.  just make sure the s/n is for THAT card as you probably know, the s/n for these for software were custom to the card present, not just any card with any license.  There is an Media 100 group on facebook I'm on with pretty often.  Check it out.  These are pros mostly using the current generation software, but many of them go way back and know the old school stuff too. 

Sounds like we'll wait and see, but yea first things first be sure the system loads without the card and rule out any issues there, then roll on to adding the P6000 and hopefully it still checks out.  I have the 7 and 8 software in a zip if you need to do a fresh install I can share as well.   if you do opt to go with a clean wipe/install.  You just need to provide the s/n for that card. 

I was looking at that same ebay listing you likely bought with the extra card.  I'm kinda hoping to get my hands on the 2nd card as well just to know this baby is maxed out with that bridge card.  I'm still sketchy on what the extra card does.  I was left with the impression that it added cpu muscle but really it was muscle for older pre G series CPUs.. where G3s, G4s and G5s basically brought enough muscle to make those cards not useful?   Not sure. 

I was thinking they might help offer more real time effects / transitions for previewing. 

I'm not sure if that ICE card will do much for Media100. I saw something that it might help with rendering of some M100 special add on effects, but it is more for After Effects rendering and some 3D programs, I think.

It's a monster card, though. Could hardly fit it into the case. Sure would be nice if Mac OS could take advantage of all that extra horsepower. The RAM on that G4 is maxed out at 2GB which is nothing compared to today's speeds.

I requested to join that FB, waiting on approval. I might take you up on that zipped version of 8. Based on what you're saying, I guess a fresh install will work since I have the serial number tied to the cards and don't need a physical dongle key.

Well, that was frustrating. Pulled both cards and booted to the 10.2.6 volume without any problems. Decided to put in just the P6000 card to see if that is the one providing problems, and booted right up again to 10.2.6 without any problems. Yay! Figured I was in the clear! I launched Media 100i (v. 8.1) and all was well. So, like a dummy I started looking at some of the other stuff on the hard drive and found the Media100i installer file, so I thought, hey, why not just do a clean install on my Tiger volume? Rebooted and installed on Tiger, looked good (didn't ask for a system key during install which I wondered about) and said the computer needed to do a restart to finish. Voila, rebooted to a kernel panic. Removed the card, rebooted, same thing. Kernel panic. Won't boot the 10.2.6 drive either, even without any of the cards. So, I don't know what's going on. I was able to boot to a utility CD. Pulled all the hard drives, shut everything down, and stewed for the rest of the night. I have a different hard drive I'm going to install later today with Panther just to see if it will boot. Wondering if the P6000 card kicked off something that fried some of my RAM. It made a weird cranking noise after rebooting after the install and when I removed the card it was HOT, like really hot.

man yea you went  through it in a short amount of time..  i was kinda like that with my attempts to dual boot with two separate ssds, and then other junk like bad ram.. so yea just keep on trouble shooting.  maybe the old ram was going bad anyway.. could just be age..  fortunately you can find replacement ram for that era stuff pretty cheap.. and if you have 2gb you have multiple sticks to test with till you rule out the bad ones.

Fortunately it seems that OSX install DVDs do a (crappy) memory check in that it will just crash when installing and not tell you why, but basically if it crashes, it's ram most likely..  i fought with this for awhile before realizing that OS9 was forgiving but it turned out not one, but two of my three sticks (quicksilver has 3 ram slots) were defective but i replaced them both for $20.. and have 1.5gb (max).. 

Keep at it.  You'll have it live before you know it.   Also for a modest investment, consider getting a smaller SSD drive and an IDE to SATA adapter for like $6 (there are nicer ones if you need multiple drives, but if one is enough (it should be) you can 1. eliminate some noise 2. save on PSU strain compared to spinners 3. be much more reliable and newer than 15+ year old hard drives.   


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