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i am always using the same drive - but differernt partitions - and i am always using an extra copy of OS9 as classic enviroment. and spotlight is off for all drives anway, as well as journalling.

however, when you use different drives, you can always be sure that the drive is not the case when some kind of problem appears, so it is the most safe path of all.

I see there were posts in this thread a few months ago so I thought I'd respond here rather than post a new topic. To make a long story short, I edited on a Media 100 system in 1998 and loved it and always want to own my own system. Due to Covid-19, I have extra time on my hands and got a G4 MDD going that was in my garage. Thought it might be fun to see if I could get a Media 100 system running on it, so I purchased a P6000 PCI card, ICE card and the original IDE hard drive from a guy on eBay who pulled it from a "working" G4 system used by a news broadcast company. He also sent me the serial number for the Media100i OS X and OS 9 versions that were on the hard drive. When I boot into my own HD I see the volumes on the old HD with the Media 100 systems.

In theory, should I be able to get this to run on my machine? Or do I need an additional hardware dongle or something with the key? I installed everything and it hangs when I try to boot to the old drive (with 10.2.6). Don't know if it's due to a conflict of some sort or something else. Disk Warrior fixed a bad volume wrapper on the drive. Not sure I want to invest too much more time troubleshooting if it's a lost cause to begin with.

sounds like you have everything you need for it to work.  i've managed to even (after a bit of unrelated tribulation) to dual boot Leopard / OS9 on my Quicksilver and installed 7.x on OS9 and 8.x on OSX

So it sounds right.  Tell me this.  do you have this trouble when the P6000 card is not installed?  make sure you remove all other cards..  another lesson i learned when doing various rebuilding..   see if the issue happens if you boot without it.  It might also be worth trying something newer than 10.2.6 unless you have other older software that needs it.  I'd suggest Tiger as it's pretty easy to find and being a bit more "mature" as an OSX option. 

Leopard was a pain in the butt, but after some wrasselin' with it i got it to behave.

So yea first just make sure the drive boots without hardware to see if it's the card or something else.. then next step might be to do a clean install asi t soundsl ike the 10.2 you have might be old and who knows what ghosts might be in it still..   

Thanks for the reply. That's good to know that it *should* work with everything I have. I will try pulling the cards to see if that 10.2.6 volume boots.

The guy who sold it to me said he would include the original hard drive, but I think he must have included a cloned copy because it's only 30GB and has four partitions on it; a 10.2.6 volume with Media100i that is ~7GB, an OS9 partition with Media100xr that is 7GB, and two "storage partitions" that are each 7 GB. I can't imagine this was the original drive with two 7 GB "storage" volumes. My version of MDD is FW800 and doesn't boot OS9, unfortunately, or I'd run the xr version. Also read it doesn't work in Classic mode due to the card drivers not loading or something.

Wondering if I can copy over all the Media100i files on the 10.2.6 volume to my existing Tiger volume to get the card drivers, etc.? There is an install log on the 10.2.6 volume that shows all the files that were installed many moons ago and their locations.

Also wondering if this version of Media100i will have problems with a "newer" version of OS X (10.4.x). Maybe that's why they never upgraded the OS from Jaguar? I've seen a few posts in forums about problems people had when they upgraded back in the day, especially with versions of QT, that broke their version of Media100 on OS X. Lots of variables to work with! :-)

yea sounds like you're on the right path.  I haven't worked deeply yet with M100 software yet.  I know the basics under OSX.  have done less with the OS9 version.  So not sure about things like quicktime in application.   However, it felt like it should all work nicely and that was with Leopard..  see how far you get with 10.2 but the good news is that there are images for ALL of the OSX versions out there and you may be better off just starting clean. 

i got the basics down like doing basic cross fades and such with m100, but i really want to find out more about effects options and such as i'm really trying to see what i can do making my videos feel dated..  not just use old tools to make modern looking stuff..   hoping also maybe early after effects i have (forget which version) might be an option to explore.. 

I have a vhs camcorder i've been capturing footage with for a few weeks now on various outings with the family.. but i'll be digitizing this footage with the P6000/breakout box and try to produce music videos with it.  would love to figure out things like alpha channels and importing 3d renderings from Lightwave 5 into it..  all that jazz..  titling.. 

mind you my real dream would be to have a video toaster setup but i'm not holding my breath for that..   but yea this demo offers a lot of what i'd like to achieve..  and while i know that's 1991.. so hardware from 1999 is going to probably be too new to get those older effects..  i'm still hoping i can at least flirt with it..

isn't it funny though to watch videos on youtube and be like "but it really did look better live on a CRT".. there is a warmth that they had.. in spite of the low resolution.. the 60hz / interlace did something to the graphics..   same with an Amiga demo.. if you watch a video on youtube of the animation.. it loses something in translation..  it's not always about the pixels.   

You sound seasoned so maybe you know this already, but my understanding is that the MDD with FW800 can run OS9 but it take a special version of OS9 or some patch effectively making your FW800 work like w FW400 speed (i think that was the only drawback) but I haven't done this first hand. 

this was a music video made with the video toaster heavily relying on lightwave, but the blending of video / 3d was really cool..


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