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Would you buy a new Freescale cpu module with Quad Core for your G4?

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After Aprils Fools Day  ;D  Let's especulate about Freescale making a "Quad" G4 using  2 7448 dual cores on a cpu module with 8 Mb L3 cache.
 -afro- ;D
Even if OS9 barely could use the second one.  8)

I allowed 2 votes per user and let the user to change the vote, but I encourage poll users to write why you vote at, and why you change your vote  >:(  ;D

Just for fun.

We have 
We are now 330 members! All G4 users/fanboys are not here. Some are "Die Hard" OSX, probably most.  :-[

Do the math : 500 users supporting with 10 bucks everyone is 5000$. Enought to pay some technicians 3 weeks, a lawyer and Freescale especialist.

In a month we could be reserving our cpu module board for 150 $ or 180 . 

OWC should have it on catalog on Q4 2014.    ::)

april fools  :'(  -afro- -afro-


When the last cpu module for G4s was designed? I think were 7447 and 7448 cpus.

The MPC8641D is dual core L1: 32kB I/D L2: 1MB with ECC, Dual e600 Power Architecture core, up to 1.5GHz each, 2.3MIPS/MHz and can get Dual 64b DDR2, up to 600MHz with ECC.

This 8641D is dual core and noone has made a cpu module with it

Says that 7447 and 7448 has cpu socket FCBGA 360, and the "news" ones FCBGA 483, 783, 994 and 1023
All them have e600 and e500 core


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