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has anyone explored "sheepshaver"?

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i understand this is a limited virtualization of mac os 9
and is totally useless for people who want to run midi + have audio in + out
but nevertheless, curious if anyone has explored this
and if so, which platform you tried it on!
i understand it can be run on a variety of computers!

I've tested long time ago.
My opinion in short: even a cheap real mac is way better than this...
I also tried out mini vmac on android... it is just a toy like sheepshaver...

The main problem of emulators running on Intel is that Intel chips are CISC and can emulate other CISC chips like M68k more or less. But it is very hard to them emulate RISC chips like PPC.
That's why PPC can emulate easily Intel x86 chips (Virtual PC) and M68K. Even ARM chips can emultate M68k and x86.
But emulation is -between others things- very bad on Intel x86 CISC chips.


--- Quote from: MacTron on March 29, 2014, 09:44:59 AM ---
But emulation is -between others things- very bad on Intel x86 CISC chips.

--- End quote ---
Original app for BeOS

After that appeared 3 versions: Windows, OSX and Linux

We welcome users from sheepshaver here wishing to test any DAW in their "virtualization".

I have notice that the last OSX version

--- Quote ---Currently recommended SheepShaver build for Mac OS X:

01 February 2014 build For PPC and Intel Mac, OSX 10.4 (Tiger) through OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)
Runs in OSX 10.10 (Yosemite), albeit only in 32-mode.
--- End quote ---  run  Tiger and Leopard. We could benchmark Classic vs Sheepshaver on Tiger. Classic blue box vs Emulation (9.22 vs 9.04). Leo cant run Classic, so It could be a solution for Leo users.

I think "emulation" of RISC on RISC processor should have less penalty than emulate RISC on x86 Intel machines.  It should run nicely on OSX PowerPC . It depends on optimizations made for this version.

Look at this Win7 user handling OS9 on Intel:

CPU really works at max! And can't even handle sound well.

Even a child notice loud MacBook when Emulating  ;D

There is a ready tool called C.O.I. (Classic on Intel) based on Sheepshaver that is Illegal because it has the Mac OS or the Mac OS ROM

I wonder if we can "hack" last MacOS ROM to be used instead the one what sheepshaver supports.

On some videos on system profiler it report as a 9500/9600 machine with 100MHz bus and a G4.

Chris, are there out older versions of sheepshaver not universal? I mean, not written to be run on Intells, for OSX PowerPC only. Maybe them are more optimized for G4s on OSX than the last universal one.

On last Sheepshaver Know Issues

--- Quote ---Known issues

- On all hosts:
When you switch from window to full-screen mode using Ctrl-Return before you used the mouse cursor in the emulator at least once, you may loose the cursor. One click on the desktop or pressing the control key suffices to bring back the cursor.

- On PPC machines:
Like previous builds, very CPU hungry. Set refresh rate in SheepShaver Preferences not higher than 30Hz, preferably at 15Hz.
--- End quote ---

i have ZERO interest in sheepshaver.. because with sheepshaver.. midi hardware access is not a possibility.
i was interested untill i discovered that fact and then i abandoned exploring any more info re: sheepshaver


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