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Looking for plugins for Pro Tools 6.4.1

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I don't know if Mac OS 9 Lives is the right place to ask for OSX TDM plugins, but I think here I'd have the greatest luck in finding what I need.

Since Digidesign started using the iLok dongle for plugin authorization from Pro Tools 6 (and OSX), finding useful plugins have been difficult.
Im currently trying to benchmark my systems with Pro Tools 5.1.3cs11 and Pro Tools 6.4.1cs4, but it's quite difficult when I only have the included Digidesign plugins on the OSX machine.

So my question is; do anyone here have some OSX and Pro Tools 6 compatible TDM or RTAS plugins laying around that they want to share?
I think these are probably even more difficult to find than the OS9 plugins due to the iLok stuff.

Thanks! :)

I forgot that Digidesign moved over to the iLok stuff. There are at least a couple TDM plugins for 5.1.3 that use an iLok, and those are the only ones that haven't been cracked yet.

Come to think of it, years ago I remember seeing all kinds of stuff about how the iLok's protection was so good that it wasn't worth trying to crack. A few plugs here and there were cracked but not many.

That makes it difficult for anyone running a 6.4.1 system, and for anyone that just wants to keep a hold on those older plugins from being lost forever. We're up against a lot here unfortunately. I think the best option for now would be to take a look at what was released, then search for some cheap licenses on Ebay. Let's just hope the installers are still available.

I put up an ad on a swedish music site asking for Pro Tools 6 plugins. I got an interesting answer from a guy who said that he has is selling his MIX+ rig running Pro Tools 6.4.1, but can take a copy of all the plugins he has and send them to me for free.

He said that the "normal" way of using plugins in Pro Tools 6.x back in the day without an iLok was with an iLok emulator and a trial license resetter.
He will burn all his Pro Tools plugins and the emulator/resetter to a DVD and mail me. Hope to get it later this week :)

And I REALLY hope it works!

I just did some Google searches. From what I'm seeing the iLok protection was cracked only in the last few years. That means that anything released from the early days up until 2010 or so was never cracked unless someone went back and cracked them. By that time however everyone was on an HD system and a Mix/6.4.1 setup was yesterday's news so I doubt very many cracked iLok plugins made their way onto the interwebs.

If what you end up getting works, that will be a really good way to sample all of the plugins to see if they tickle your fancy. After that, it's just a matter of finding license transfers on Ebay to buy the plugs that you really need so you won't have to keep using the dongle resetter. Let us know how it works out  -afro-


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