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i believe any soundcard with enough channels would do, but what about the software? is there a OS9 DVD player which outputs more than stereo to the soundmanager?

to my knowledge, the usual suspects such as quicktime player, media cleaner, wont support it.

it shall be easier to use something which supports ASIO. but among ASIO aps it is difficult to find somehting which can play moving images fullscreen. :)

in OSX VLC and toast should both work.

MacOS Plus:
  I was intrigued by the DVD 5.1 surround output question since I'd never put any though into it before, so I spent some time roaming the internet for information.  The problem does actually seem to be related to software - no actual software audio decoding apps in OS 9 or even in early versions of OS X.  From what I read, Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh could be configured to pass an untouched AC-3 signal to its digital output, but this depended on the software source being able to supply an AC-3 signal to the SB.

I think I found what you need though:

  It probably performs better than your ATI card too.  Hardware requirements are extremely low, and it's supposed to work all the way back to Mac OS 8.0!

Of course now the biggest challenge will be finding one of these cards nowadays...

"what? you don't have HDMI at your G4?""

"simply plug this small utility into your iphone and you can carry your home theater with you when cycling or mountain climbing"


--- Quote from: Graveyard on August 02, 2014, 12:06:43 PM ---In 2005-2006, this G3 was still able to play movies, it even played youtube videos for a while. Maybe one of you can remember what codec was usually used back then for videos. My guess would be something like divx 3 or 4 maybe.

--- End quote ---

In '05-'06 youtube videos had a resolution of 320 by 240. They were encoded with the Sorenson Spark codec, which is H263-based, and used MP3 mono audio, not stereo. Here's an article discussing new video codecs for flash 8 during that same time:


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