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wanted: 250gb Western Digital Caviar SE (IDE hard drive)


wanted:  250gb Western Digital Caviar SE (IDE hard drive)

7200 RPM with "WD2500JB" model number/name/type
i have 3 others and im looking to get a few more a raid5 backup array.. as well to have a spare..


In Europe https://www.alternate.es/html/listings/Hardware-Componentes-Discos-duros-IDE-3-5-pulgadas/972?tk=7&lk=6597 80gb but new.

we can buy 80gb sata3 here for 15$ in my town.. brand new.. and also "Sata3" compliant
80gb is not what im after here tho.. good for a system drive but not archiving files in raid config;)


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