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let's gather all the infos needed to overclock the different models of g4's we all have  -afro- (or g3's)

i'll start with mine. here is how to overclock a mdd dual 1.25 to 1.5

i will attempt this in the next few days, looks easy enough!

Make sure you read all Mactron's notes first, he is the king on overclock

hmm, i think i have to stick with 1.25 ghz for now. i have the 7455a revision which does not overclock easily right? hmm, i somehow assumed the 2003 models would all have the 7455b processors. i could buy a 1.42 fw800 with a defect power supply for 30 dollars. maybe i will swap in this processor and overclock it a little  :D


--- Quote from: DieHard on March 15, 2014, 09:52:29 PM ---Make sure you read all Mactron's notes first, he is the king on overclock

--- End quote ---

where are these? i dont know which notes u would be referring to -- i've seen no overlocking threads..
i had asked both you, mactron + knez a few months ago to share with us how to overclock..
but noone responded with a thread

there are some infos if you search for over clocking. but basically it's really easy. you just swap out or rearrange some of those small resistors on the cpu-board. the link i provided shows exactly where they are on a dp board and also has all the infos on which multiplier corresponds to which resistor configuration. the only thing you have to take care of is, that the resistor on the front and on the back of the board are not in the same order.


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