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single processor 1ghz mdd??

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I am sorry for answering too much quickly
It seem 98% the FW800 1Ghz, but it could be a modified FW400 166bus with the cpu from that model (2% prob)

Is there out a method to "change" the "firmware" of a MDD FW800 to a OS9 bootable (First MDD) "bios"?
I did not find anyone that had made, but maybe one user has the 2 models and can say us: "the fw800 has a XXX chip for the bios and the Fw400 has YYY chip"  Maybe noone was brave enought to "desolder" the "OSX" controller and put a "OS9" compatible one.
There "should" be a method to "force flash" the bios  from the FW800 models to OS9, but in 6-7 years of research I did not find anything nor anyone.
But I just learned in the good way that this machines can still surprise us.


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