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Looking for CHEAP 3.5" SATA fw400 dock, enclosure

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check this out! fw straight to ide 40 pin

i dont really understand how u are supposed to power this thing.. strange combo of internal + external tech

Found one relatively cheap
39 bucks with no drive. I guess this units are SATA.
We also need to find the cheaper way to have FW800 to FW400 conversion.


a firewire 800 interface should work with adapter. no idea about prices but it should not be that much.

even better .... according to OWC, a 400-to-800 cable is already included with this product.

too bad the ministack lacks esata;(

i think id be more interested in the higher model non-classic version

this one has it all, usb 3.0 (downward compatible probably?) esata, firewire..
the goods!

69$ is esata worth duble the price? its probably double the performance! maybe triple!

do they fit 3.5" drives? or 2.5" inch drives?


This has the Oxford 911 chipset for sure  ;D


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