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Looking for CHEAP 3.5" SATA fw400 dock, enclosure

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--- Quote from: DieHard on February 14, 2022, 05:43:57 PM ---

Remember, calling OWC and other companies is a waste of time, since many of those techs just read the data sheet and never try the device,
and many have never even used Mac OS 9

--- End quote ---

My bad, noob mistake.

it is funny that the support confirms that something which was promised doesnt work. :)

but "works with..." actually says nothing about an individual case. something can generally support OS9, but maybe not your computer hardware. or it doesnt boot when you format it wrong. there are so many variables.

Little OWC Enclosures arrived yesterday… as per usual, DieHard’s recommendation reigns.

Had an OWC Mercury Elite “3G” SSD (yet another nod to Mr. Happy!)… two-partitioned with
one part pre-loaded with OS 9 / Mac OS Extended format, and the other partition empty...
but partitioned as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Installed that OWC SSD in a snap.

POW! Both loaded instantly on this High Sierra 2011 iMac.

Disk Utility noted: “JMicron 35x Series Media”. (Enclosure or the OWC SSD?)

Swapped it over to an 800 MHz G3 iBook (via 800 to 400 FW cable) and BOOM!
Another instant mount of both SSD partitions. AND with these QuickBench results:

Not too shabby on an 800 MHz G3 iBook.

Bite me USB 1.1.

Likely I’ll be pulling the "naked" 1TB SSD out of that G4 Mac mini - for the 2nd OWC enclosure.

Love the enclosure’s little on / off switch as I’m often very leery of hot-swapping firewire drives.

ONLY complaint is the little rubber feet, intended to be placed over the bottom mounting screws.
(For anyone like me, constantly changing drives in and out of things.) A very minor complaint.
I just won’t put the little adhesive-backed feet exactly where they were intended.

Tiger 10.4.11 on the G3 iBook luvs it too!

*And after all these many years with no spudgers… I now have TWO.
 i.e. Pennies from heaven… lagniappes!

Et vous? Take a Sunday break with Louis Prima or… Stan Getz.


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