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Ableton Live v4.14 *NOW AVAILABLE!*

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many thanks to Lokki for this  8) 8)

originally released in july of 2004, (v4.14 released around dec2004/jan2005) we now have this mac os 9 version of Ableton
that suports MIDI Clips + MIDI tracks.. and most important of all..** VST instruments **!
(previously in v3 and lower it only supported VST effects like reverb/compressor etc)
this is an amazing piece of software and im every excited that we now have it available to be used
in mac os 9!!

For those of you not so familiar with this program, i urge you to download.. experiment.. drag some loops into tracks and experience what it can do for yourself hands on!! dont think of ableton as a standalone program, this program is used best when used in conjunction with other programs via rewire, f.e. recording/sampling sounds over rewire from another app such as reason.. this is the perfect match for reason v2.5!

if there is any software worth buying for mac os 9 this is it.. but u would not buy it if u didnt understand what it is and what it can do for you, I personally plan on buying ableton 9 but it is a larger investment purchase.. but i would say that of all programs u can buy this one, when learned + used properly, is worth every penny!!!! i have been in contact with ableton and they offered to sell this to me for 200$ (a reduced price for a license because its an older version) so if you have already learned the program and are using this professionally you may feel this program is worth paying for.. keep it in mind to contact ableton and ask to purchase a license for mac os 9.22 and they will most likely extend the same $200 reduced price offer to you!

Here for Download...,3198.0.html

--- Quote ---Release dates

Live 1        30 Oct 2001
Live 1.5    28 Apr 2002
Live 2    22 Dec 2002
Live 2.1    24 Jul 2003
Live 3    10 Oct 2003
Live 4    28 Jul 2004
Live 5    24 Jul 2005
Live 5.2    10 Apr 2006
Live 6    29 Sep 2006
Live 7    29 Nov 2007
Live 8    02 Apr 2009
Live 8.2    22 Sep 2010
Live 8.3    02 April 2012
Live 9    05 March 2013
Live 9.1    20 Nov 2013
--- End quote ---

1.2 What’s New in Live 4?

1.2.1 MIDI Sequencing
• MIDI tracks and clips (see MIDI Clips and MIDI Files)
• MIDI recording (see Recording New Clips)
• Overdub MIDI pattern build-up (see Overdub Recording MIDI Patterns)
• MIDI note editing and drawing (see Editing MIDI)
• Instruments and MIDI effects (see Working with Instruments and Effects)
• MIDI file import (see MIDI Files) and export (see Exporting MIDI Files)
• MIDI notes can be generated by the computer keyboard (see Playing MIDI With the Computer Keyboard)
• MIDI clips can send bank and program changes (see Bank and Program Change)

1.2.2 Virtual Instruments and Plug-Ins
• Simpler, for sample-based sound creation (see Simpler)
• Impulse percussion sampler (see Impulse)
• VST and Audio Units instrument support (see Using Plug-Ins)
• Audio Units Plug-in effects supported (Mac OS X) (see Audio Units Plug-Ins)
• Improved plug-in window handling (see Showing Plug-In Panels in Separate Windows)

1.2.3 Routing, Monitoring and Recording
• New, flexible track routing and I/O (see Routing and I/O)
• Audio and MIDI input and output signals can be routed to and from tracks for submixes, layering, etc. (see Internal Routings)
• Up to twelve sends/returns per Live Set (see Return Tracks and the Master Track)
• Simplified recording process (see Recording New Clips)
• Monitoring is managed in the track I/O section (see Monitoring)

1.2.4 Clip Properties
• New launch options allow for automatic jamming (see Follow Actions)
• Groove setting for MIDI and audio clips (see Groove)
• Reverse button for reversing samples (see Reversing Samples)
• The Clip View can be vertically resized for editing convenience
• Follow option acts on Clip View as well as on Arrangement View
• Easier warping for multitrack samples (see Replacing the Clip’s Sample)

1.2.5 Session View
• Session View scenes can store the tempo (see Tracks and Scenes)
• Session View scenes can be set up to advance automatically (see Tracks and Scenes)

1.2.6 Miscellaneous
• Loop/Region markers are selectable objects for editing convenience (see The Arrangement Loop)
• Working with the editing grid has been simplified (see Using the Editing Grid)
• Tracks can be created by dropping instruments, effects and files on empty mixer space (see Audio and MIDI Tracks)
• New, integrated program lessons that cover the key features of Live (see Learn About Live)

Minimum System Requirements
Live 4.0

G3/400 MHz;
256 MB RAM;
Mac OS 9.2 or OS X 10.1.5

Pentium III/600 MHz;
256 MB RAM;
Windows 98, 2000, or XP

version 4.14 was released (posted on April 26th 2005
making it one of the last apps for mac os 9 to be updated



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