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Geforce4 Titanium - The best performing officially supported gfx for MAC OS 9


The Best of the Old School!

heres an article on the "gainward geforce4 ti4600" which seems to be slightly tweaked + overclocked by the gainward co!!
maybe the fastest ti4600 ever? and also DUAL DvI!

^^ according to this chart even the geforce 3 ti's are faster then the gf2mx or gf4mx
this chart illustrates + backs up what mactron said about this card being 50% faster..
here its noticable 50% faster then the geforce 4mx

ti 4200

ti 4600

gainward ti's take the lead

note the difference of 4 vs 5 capacitors on the top right hand side of the card ti4600's always have 4 (and 2 below), while ti4400's always have 5 (and 1 below)
if shopping for "nvidia p83" these resistor count, as well as dual dvi vs dvi/vga is how u can tell which model is what!

Quadro 750 XGL (ti4400)

Quadro 900 XGL dual dvi (ti4600)

--- Quote ---The Nvidia GeForce4 Ti has been a great performer, I'll miss it...
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---I know what you mean! I had a GF4Ti in my 533 (uped to a 1.2ghz) and it had better game play than my G5 2.0 with the 9650. I had to buy a 9800 card to get the same quality and speed of the 4Ti. That GF4Ti was one of the bast cards out!
That card made my Mac scream and play the newest games for over three years!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---I tried the ATI 9800 128 MB card in Dual 1.42 FW 800 machine. That card was soooo hot. Head to head the Nvida and ATI were equal. Each had their high and low points, so I kept the Nvidia since it ran so much cooler.
--- End quote ---


the only radeon card that was able to beat the ti4600 was the radeon 9700


some great benchmarks here

just a quick note about geforce3: the geforce3 cards are ok performers and 100% compatible with os9 but no geforce3 will do dual monitors.. even if they have vga + Dvi connectors the cards only have 1 ramdac and if both connected will output the same image to both screens .. this is why "twinview" was a big deal at the time of the geforce4 because they were just surpassing this limited functionality by adding an additional ramdac


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