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Studio Vision Pro and VST, VSTi


I started using Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1. Here's a question for everyone. Please tell me how to use VST and VSTi with Studio Vision. I can select plugins from the console window, but I can only select plugins that are included in Vision by default. There is something called a VST folder in the Vision folder, and I thought that if I put a VST or VSTi in there, Vision would recognize it. please tell me.

There should be a folder named "VST Plugins" inside the SVP home folder. That's where any and all plugins should go. Note that if you have other apps that may want to use those plugins as well, you can make a main plugins folder anywhere and put aliases to them in the SVP plugins folder. Plugins appear only in the Console Window in SVP although some automation parameters for them can be accessed in the Strip Chart.

That's the good news…

VSTi's are not recognized in SVP. Gibson crashed Opcode just as VSTi's were getting started so the rev that would have enabled them (probably 4.6) never happened.
There are ways to work around this using external VSTi hosting and the IAC bus. It's awkward, limited  and generally a PITA.

If you must use VSTi's as your main instruments, you should probably use Cubase.

That said, SVP is an amazing app. It handles audio limited only by your hardware and interface and arguably is still the best MIDI sequencer available today. However, it is deep and requires that you really dig into the manuals to understand all of what can be done with it.

Since they're hard to find around here, the manuals are attached.

does SVP allows midi in (aka VST 2.1)? then you could use fx-ified versions of instruments. it is only a flag after all.

Thank you GaryN. Not being able to use VSTi is pretty tough. I have installed Logic 4.7.

There was a situation where the audio interface was not loading in SVP. I struggled with that for several weeks. To solve the problem, launch the original SVP app and select an audio interface. After that, it is a good idea to load the song data by clicking "Open".


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