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OS 9 does not start.

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Mac OS 9 no longer starts. If you press the power button, a "?" mark will appear and you will not be able to proceed from there. I booted from the installation CD by pressing "C" on the keyboard. It only worked once, but that time I did nothing and restarted. Now it won't boot from the installation CD either. somebody help!

? mark menas no OS found that can be booted. As you lost the boot capabilities of your CD later as well, I would suspect the internal IDE (?) bus. First check all the internal cables to your HD and CD drive.

I will chime in here with my issues.

Whenever i restart the machine by the menu bar or the reset button i get the ? and it doesnt boot.

After that i pull the power plug and re-attach and turn it on, it boots normal.

Sometimes mouse and keyboard doesnt work after a reboot so i pull the plug again and it boots and works normal again.

I already reset parameters by pushing the red button on the motherboard, as described in apple manual, which did not help.
The onboard battery is new.

How about pointing to a valid boot volume in 'Startup Disk' CP? Does that help?

I'll bet BOTH of you have SATA–IDE SSD adapters that are effing up.


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