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FTP between Powerbook G3 and Mac Studio

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So I'm trying to set up a link between my Powerbook G3 running OS 8.5 and my unto date Mac Studio.

I have set up Rumpus Pro 2.0 on the power book and connected it into my router
I have then downloaded "Cyberduck" on my Mac Studio.

Everything connects beautifully and I can see the files fine, the problem starts when I transfer..........If I transfer any file from my Studio M<ac it receives them at my G3 as a document!!!

Any file I send, no matter what extension is received this way, am I missing an important option here??

I am thinking that I could possibly point the G3 to my NAS storage? Could that work?

I'm pretty confused and not really a network wizard, any help would be great please, or any suggestions of a better way of transferring files.

Even if the server is a Mac, I don't think FTP transfers the Mac-specific metadata such as resources and file type/creator codes. So you're not transferring all the information needed to identify the file. This is a limitation of FTP and most other internet protocols, and why we usually use .sit or .sit.hqx files to transfer things across the internet.

The best way to transfer files between old Macs and the modern world over LAN is if you can run something called Netatalk on the server. This is an implementation of the Apple Filesharing Protocol.

Thanks for the info

So is there no way to simply plug an ethernet cable between the two and link them that way? Or even connect my G3 into my nas and link that way??

Sorry if I seem clueless....but I am lol

while ftp is included in latr windows and OSX systems, it is not in MacOS9.

and even if it would, i personally would always prefer to use a dedicated server/client software, just as you did.

your files are totally okay, you´re only confused because you do not know OS9 well enough yet.

a program for mac silicon for example can not appear as program in OS9 - and it does not have to. this does not mea it would be broken or something.

MacOS9 almost completely ignores file extensions, they have no technical meaning there.

you might know other situations where documents do appear with the right icon and application-association, but that then is a feature of the ftp server where you downloaded it from and has nothing to do with OS9.

btw, MacOS11 and higher do usually preserve resource forks so that you can upload ancient mac files without breaking them. but it will always be more safe and convienient do use .hqx or .bin as @rvense said, or eventually make toast images.
for long-term storage and for sharing files with other people .sit is preferred, because then everyone can see that it is a mac file and can be brought back to MacOS9 / early OSX without any cosmetic differences.


--- Quote from: MDMA on November 17, 2023, 11:50:03 AM ---Thanks for the info

So is there no way to simply plug an ethernet cable between the two and link them that way? Or even connect my G3 into my nas and link that way??

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Yes! You can connect directlly. Rumpus in your case is turning you Mac Studio into an FTP server. You can use FTP to transfer files, but unless you compress them first in a format that preserves the metadata, some of the info needed won't survive going over FTP. The software I'm suggesting is a different kind of server for a protocol called AFP which supports all the Mac stuff natively, but I think it's a bit nerds-only to get set up so it might not be an option for you. In that case I'd suggest finding a way (and I'm sure someone here will chime in shortly) to compress your files on the Mac Studio to .sit archives and then open them on the G3.

--- Quote ---Sorry if I seem clueless....but I am lol

--- End quote ---

Clueless is such a negative term. I think we should focus on where I could be if my brain wasn't filled with all this... stuff.


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