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G-Force Gold 2.8.1 for iTunes 2.0.4


Hi all,

You may run across posts of mine similar to this in some other vintage Mac forums out there. I am looking for the Gold version of G-Force 2.8.1. It was the best music visualizer available in OS 9 and, after a BUTTLOAD of digging around on the internet, I can pretty much confirm that this is the last version that supported OS 9 at all. It included a plugin for iTunes and it works AWESOME. I just found this last week and you can find my link in the comments under G-Force Classic's page at the Mac Garden. Not sure what the rules are here for hosting Google Drive links.

However, it is the Trial version. It works great, but the "this is the trial version" text pops up at the bottom of the visualizer quite often and bothers me. Does anyone here have the Gold Version lying around on any old HDD's or anything? I've also reached out to the devs at and just got a response tonight from Brandon stating that they unfortunately no longer have versions quite that old. I mentioned to him that since I reached out to him initially, I found a trial version of 2.8.1 and asked if there is any way to turn it into the Gold version, so I am just waiting on a response there.

Any help in the meantime would be highly appreciated!

Looking for G-Force Gold 2.8.1 for Mac OS 9/iTunes 2.0.4
Its existence is confirmed as it seemed to be a mystery for some people as I've read during my hunt for it.


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