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UTM on iOS running Mac OS 9.2


So I decided to sideload the Altstore on my old 11 Pro Max and on my iPad mini 6. Then I installed UTM and used the pre maid image from the UTM website of Mac OS 9.2. This was very easy and only took maybe 15 min from start to finish.

 I am first off impressed with the performance. I am not really trying to play games. I am running old versions of photoshop and older 3d apps like Infini-D.

On the iPad min I USB C and having a mouse makes a huge difference. Also setting the graphics to metal and making sure to disable the FPS cap.

Anyone have any experiment with this set up? Or any insight as to what all is possible?

Also bonus - it works with AirPlay and you can have the AirPlay as a second monitor or mirror your screen. So cool.


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