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OS9 Install Error

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Hi All,
Can anyone help me out with this? I am trying to install OS 922 onto an iMac g3 600Mhz booting from an external usb dvd drive (the internal drive on the imac is kaput). It is an iso downloaded from this site and the install starts, begins loading extensions and then it quits with this error. Any ideas?

Very hard to help with the limited info you gave, but let's start by reading... sounds like you do not have enough RAM installed to run 9.2.2

How much RAM is installed in the iMac... at least 128MB ?  less ?

Sorry, it has 256 MB installed

That should be enough so run a diag test


I've tried booting from AHT & Norton Utilities & it starts the bootup sequence and I keep getting the same error. I have replaced the pram battery and swapped out ram to 1GB with same results. The error pops up and the external dvd drive just stops reading. Could USB be a problem?


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