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Which ProTools for TiBook OS9?


I need to test one RTAS plugin. Which version of ProTools will allow me to do this on TiBook running OS 9.2.2?

Last time I used PT was long time ago, it was TDM (PM9600) and I've forgotten everything  ;D

Protools FREE without digidesign system.,851.0.html

Protools LE 5.1.1 for Audiomedia III or Digi001.

M-Box has shitty latency and I wouldnt recomend it unless something really portable is needed.

Digi 002 mixer is ideal if found cheap.

For a TDM rig or a AM-3 or a DIgi 001 you will need a PCMCIA to PCI box.

Thanks! That 5.0.1 free version did the job.

Thanks to you!

If you dont ask we dont search ...

I will love to test any RTAS or TDM or Audiosuite plug.

Soon I will test that panther app you asked.

You need Magma CB2S 2-slot PCI Expansion Chassis

Pro Tools 5.1.3 TDM 1 MixCore (64 tracks) + 1 DSP Farm (for old plugins)


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