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Battery Utility


Does anyone know of a battery utility like coconut battery for OS9? 


I've never seen one. I think that's because coconut battery–type functions require the battery to have an internal proc to connect and report to the software which early, older batteries didn't have.

Not a battery expert though…

Don't know what functionality you are searching, but there are a lot of "Battery tools" out there for our systmems. A quick websearch brought up the following. Several toolks are for special PowerBooks:

EMMPathy 2.0
Battery Amnesia
MyBattery 3.3.8
Lind Battery Utility 5 (LIND BU 500)

When I used my Pismo on a regular basis about 8 years ago, I had 3 to 4 more. Sadly I cannot remember the names.


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