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DiskCopy 6.5 breaks .img files into 1Gb chunks. How to use them in Basilisk?

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As per the title, when making a disk image from a folder (say 32GB) with DiskCopy 6.5 b13 on MacOS 9.2.2 using a PowerBook Pismo, it breaks it into 1GB chunks, named: .001, .002, etc.

If the final target use is a disk image that Basilisk/Sheepshaver can use, what's the process to get it into a format those emulators can read? (assuming the target emulator environment is OS 8.6 or 9.2.2)

FYI, all drives on the system are MacOS Extended format.


is there a specific reason why you break it into parts?

It's not me, it's DiskCopy that's doing it!  I want it to be one file...

There doesn't appear to be any option to stop it from breaking it into parts.  Clearly, it has something to do with a 1GB "limit", but even that is arbitrary since HFS+ can handle file sizes far beyond that.

that can probably be set in the preferences somewhere which format is default, similar to stuffit.

when i create a 10 GB image here it ends up as 1 file - and not 10,000.

a working alternative which also creates "real" HFS volume images and is compatible with DC, is toast 4 / toast 5.

There's no preference that I could find...  Also, a 10GB file would be 10 parts, not 10,000!  ;)

Are you sure you're talking about GIGA bytes, not MEGA bytes?  Files of the Mac OS 9 era are relatively tiny and the concept of moving around multi-gigabyte images would be completely foreign to that era.


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