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Copying OS9 install - where am I going wrong?

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So, I managed to boot from a DVD I created with the universal installer (thanks guys!), and got an install on a drive.

I want to replicate that drive for another machine because I’m having a huge headache getting the disc to boot again (I must have been lucky first time round!).

I’ve formatted another drive connected via a USB enclosure to Mac OS Extended and copied the entire OS9 drive over to it, I’ve also ‘blessed’ the drive by moving in and out the finder/system files.

When trying to boot from that drive I get absolutely nothing - any ideas? Have I missed something? Getting a bit frustrated at it…!

Lots of missing details here BUT, my first wild guess would be maybe you didn't install OS9 drivers on the new drive during formatting?

Hey, thanks so much for the reply!!

Doh - I think you may be right…is it possible to do that from within Mac OS9?

Again, details matter.

IF you used OS9 Drive Setup to format the new drive, it was taken care of automatically.
IF however, you used an OSX-running computer, you have to select "Install OS9 Drivers" at the initialization step.

So now… If you DID get the driver installed, the next question is: When you blessed the System, did you actually deposit the files at the "top" of the drive and THEN return them - two separate steps, one out and one back in. More than a few have just pulled the files out and then put them back without ever "letting go" of them.

ALSO… To bless the System on a different computer, you must drop them at the top of the drive being blessed. You cannot drop them on the desktop because it's a different computer.

Thank you Gary, I managed to get it sorted in the end. I really appreciate the advice.

I plugged it in to another machine running OSX, wiped the drive, installed the OS9 drivers and then copied the install back on to it. Works perfect now.

Except my B&W G3 randomly decided to take 20 minutes to boot. And then it started booted fine. Because you know, B&W G3   :o


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