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WTB: TiBook 1Ghz

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I am a total TiBook fan but never seem to come across a 1Ghz version

If anyone got one in good condition drop me a line please

Yes... in fact the 800, 867 and 1 Ghz. support large drives, other models do not...

from me...

--- Quote ---Power Mac G4 QuickSilver 733, 800, Dual 800, 867, 933, and Dual 1 GHz with logic board 820-1342-B (QS logic board 820-1276-A will NOT work and peak out at 128 GB), and all Power Mac G4 MDD models are a go (except for the FW800 models since they will NOT boot to OS 9 directly). Also, Titanium PowerBooks of 800, 867 and 1 Ghz will work nicely.
--- End quote ---

Ok? :)

Sorry, to be clear, don't have one anymore

Here is an 867, but price is in the stratosphere


Are you in the UK or US?

I'm getting rid of some older as I'm doing a massive clear out (Powermac, Powerbook (alus) and 2 TI-Books (1Ghz and 800)

Both work fine or mains but no batteries. The 1GHz has a flakey SuperDrive so would need replacing, damaged my original Reason 2.5 Program Disc >:(

I've a mint 1GHz also - yes they are fast, great screen but as said on here many times, shocking thermal design and take off after 10-15 mins in a pretty s**t way. Be warned!

Drop me a PM



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