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Free - Avid Meridien editing PCI board set


I recently acquired a G4 Quicksilver with what I believe is a complete Avid PCI Meridien Digital Media setup (4 boards) with Genie Proboard Digital Media Board, PCI Meridien Edit EDC4 Board and Pinnacle 3D option board. There are 2x 32mb simms on one of the boards. I also pulled an ATTO scsi card as I don't have a need for this either, I suspect this was for connection to a framestore of some kind. Boards are clean and connectors look good.

Hopefully somebody will have a need / desire to keep hold of these or use them. I have no way of testing these but under OSX an Avid board does show up under system profiler.

Free to a good home, I just ask for postage to cover shipment (I'm in the UK). I'll ship anywhere as it won't be a huge box. All of it goes in one, I don't want to be splitting things up. First come first serve.

I have more photos if anybody is interested.

I've had one interested person pm me with first refusal.

confirming that interest, thanks Jacques!


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