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Target Disk Mode - canít see all the drives

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I have a PowerMac MDD with 1.25 DP (FW400), and a white MacBook core duo 2.0 with FW400 port.

The PowerMac had three physical drives (2xOWC SDDs and a spinning hard drive) which boot into os 9.2.2; Leopard and Tiger.

My issue is: when restarting in target disk mode on the MDD, with the Macbook connected via firewire, I ca only see the OS 9 disk and not the other two from the Macbook. Shouldnít I see all three dives?

Are the two drives connected to a PCI SATA card?

IME, only drives connected to the Mac's native ATA bus(es) show up in FireWire Target Disk Mode on another Mac.

Thanks - for the respose.

All three drives are connected to the ATA bus (2 rear and 1 front). The one showing up is a OWC branded 120 SDD, which is exactly the same as one of the other drives. The spinning HD in the front bay is a seagate barracuda.



--- Quote ---All three drives are connected to the ATA bus (2 rear and 1 front)
--- End quote ---

Just as a test move an additional drive from the "front" to the "rear" ATA.  It may be that only the primary ATA bus is seen.  Never noticed this, after all these years, but I usually only use target mode on machines that are harder to open... iMacs, laptops, etc.  You may have discovered something.

Should be able to find the answer by looking at Open Firmware dumps.

I don't have a G4 MDD to test. The following is what I could decipher from looking at the init? word of the firewire-disk-mode package in my "ROM PowerPC Mac/ROM G4 Mirrored Drive Doors/Dump/Part2.of" file.

In Open Firmware, what's the value of product-family?

--- Code: ---product-family

--- End code ---

If it's 2 or 4 then the default list of supported devices is:

--- Code: ---cd:0,cd1:0,zip:0,ultra3:0,ultra2:0,ultra1:0,hd:0

--- End code ---

Otherwise, the default list of supported devices is:

--- Code: ---cd:0,hd:0

--- End code ---

Check devalias for the full path of each of those.

--- Code: ---devalias

--- End code ---

Are all your disks matching one of those paths? I think you can use the dir command to list the files on each one but that requires knowing the partition number of an HFS, HFS+, or FAT file system. I have a list-partitions command but you need to connect using telnet or serial port to paste it in.

If you know where your disk is, and it's not one of the above paths, and it's readable in Open Firmware maybe you can add it to the path list.

Does aapl,tdm-units appear in the options device or printenv result?

--- Code: ---dev options

--- End code ---
It's probably an empty string which means it will use one of the default lists above.

If the disk you want to add is mydisk:0 then you would add it like this:

--- Code: ---setenv aapl,tdm-units cd:0,cd1:0,zip:0,ultra3:0,ultra2:0,ultra1:0,hd:0,mydisk:0

--- End code ---

Verify that the change appears in the options device

--- Code: ---dev options

--- End code ---

After making the change, restart and try target disk mode again.

The maximum number of drives target disk mode will support is max-units which is 6. This can be patched but most people don't have that many disks.


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