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Cakewalk Metro Version 5 (Created by Sagan)... Anyone ever try it...


OK, so this has been here for years...,1777.0.html

I though it was just a sequencer, but apparently it can record MIDI and Audio and have them BOTH on the same edit screen... very interesting :)

There are a handful of different versions of Cakewalk from this time period. Music Creator, Pro Audio, Home Studio, etc. Home Studio 2 was the very first DAW I ever used. To my knowledge, they're all capable of handling audio, MIDI, and virtual instruments & FX. Pro Audio seems to be the most feature rich version (lots of MIDI tweaking features that seem to be absent from other versions) and peaked in the Win 9x days. I wonder if there's an OS9 version?

Whou..I always over looked Cakewalk Metro 5, so at last I tested for historic reason and I have to say, it is quite professional compared minimum system requirements. I think you can run it every Mac that can boot to Mac OS 9. It can use VST, Premier and Cakewalk fx plug-ins.

Some hints for testers:
- To set channel from MIDI to audio, choose port and then Edit port and choose Audio.
- If it says your HDD is too slow, restart your Mac.
- If internal Sound Manager driver (build-in) doesn't work, try ASIO Sound Manager driver.

And then some questions:
- RME ASIO driver v 2.21 doesn't work with it, because it is ASIO 2.0 only. Has somebody older ASIO 1.0 compatible RME driver?
- Is there more Cakewalk DAW versions or Cakewalk fx plug-ins released for Mac?
- Audio view of Grpahic Editor is good, but how to edit with it?


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