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Announcing MacTasks - "To do" list for the classic Mac

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It's very much one of those "we chose to do it not because it was easy, but because we thought it would be easy" things. A to do list like this is a half-hour job on any modern platform, this was... extremely not. I don't know if anyone needs it or wants it. Me, I just wanted to make it, but that's no reason not to release it, is it?

Here's the web site with more information and a download link (at the bottom). You might have to right click to save the file.

I'm calling it beta 1 because it's only ever been run on my G4 tower under 9.2.2, so who knows what happens on other computers (edit - first reports indicate that this only runs on OS9 :().

Can you "sit" it and post it as an attachment here, download did not work, Thanks :)

It's already a sit.hqx, but I think my server might be handling it wrong. Does it work to right click and save as?

I'll try an old browser, on my modern mac now, but if you post it here as an attachment, then it will be easier for members to try it

"save as" works for me on windows, but indeed .hqx usually opens as text in modern browsers, even on macos.


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