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Sub-par Sonnet Harmoni G3/600 Performance?

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Anyone know why I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing?

I have a G3/600mhz Sonnet Harmoni in a Rev. A iMac and the CPU benchmarks appear to be in line with a G3/300mhz.
Real world performance also doesn't seem 'double' the factory CPU. In normal use it feels nearly identical to stock.

What is odd is, the FPU test shows ~double a 300mhz G3, but normal CPU does not..?

Do these upgrades require any kind of system extensions or something - anyone seen anything like this - is this expected..?

 - The screenshot also shows the original G3 at 233mhz and overclocked to 266mhz.

Sonnet is a really commendable company, regarding Mac OS 9 drivers and informations. I do not unnderstand why so many people do not have a look at the producing companies when searching for documents and software,

The card was pulled from a working iMac and installed into mine.
From what I understand the software they provide copies the system firmware onto a brand new (blank) Sonnet card.
In other words - if this software and had never been used on this card before, my iMac would not be booting or running anything, as shown in the screenshot.

I'm not sure how what you shared helps.


--- Quote --- HARMONi Processor Upgrade Software 1.1   

Operating System Requirements: Mac OS 8.1-9.2
File Name: harmoni_install_v11.hqx
File Size: 349.9 KB
Description: This installer software is required with the HARMONi G3 iMac processor/FireWire upgrade card. It must be installed before the HARMONi hardware is installed.
--- End quote ---

Already installed and up to date.

Since the ROM has already been copied onto the harmoni CPU card, making it bootable, I am not able to 're-install' this process - don't think it would make a difference even if I could - unless the ROM is corrupted or something.


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