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Problem flashing Gerforce 2 MX


Hey all,

Last week I acquired an old Sawtooth G4 400MHz machine with a Geforce 2 MX.

Unfortunately for me, in my attempts to make sure it all had the latest of everything, I accidentally flashed the card with some firmware that wasn't meant for it.

The card originally had the 1057.019 firmware on it.

In my attempts to fix the issue, I wound up flashing the TwinView ROM onto it.

I then learned what I'd done and how to fix it: Get a copy of the original 1057.019 ROM and flash it onto the card.

Unfortunately for me, all the flashers I can find are for other ROMs although I did manage to edit one of them (via ResEdit) to include the correct ROM.

In any case, that's no good as no matter what I do, any ROM flasher (AENV...) keeps reporting error 4200.

I've learned via ResEdit that 4200 is a "generic error."

That's little use to me however as I don't know how to solve it.

Any chance of any you guys would know how I could flash the card's original firmware back?

:( I don't have an old PC around with an AGP slot: So I can't do the flashing on a PC.

I did manage, through lots of trial and error in a VM, to create a bootable CD that includes a VNC and FTP server, that the G4 is now running and boots into: So, I can at least connect to the machine and poke about if I need to.

I look forward to hearing back from you all :)

Kind regards,
Dave Ward

I should also note that I've learned how to set up a Telnet session via OpenFirmware when the machine boots.

I've tried to "load" the correct firmware in the OpenFirmware prompt: It seems to go pretty well, for the most part, as the card seems to change its identity.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve my problem as the TwinView seems to have a "child" device that I can't get rid of once I've "loaded" the proper FCode.

I found some posts elsewhere on this forum, attempts to "delete device nodes" but I had no luck trying them.


dont know if you ever fixed this?  buying a 10.00 rom flasher from amazon would be a good way to go about it.


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