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Basilisk II for OS X and Mac OS9 booting alert


Be careful what you mount in the UNIX folder in Basilisk II under os X it can mess up what OS9 considers a writable volume! I ran Basilisk II under 10.4.11 and had the hard drive OS X and OS 9 are installed on set as the shared folder and it damaged the file system by making everything appear read-only. I was in a panic until i force shutdown OS9 and let the boot-up disk repair on improper shutdown run and that was thankfully able to repair the damage. I had previously borked almost the entire drive and it took a reformat and reinstall to recover that. Disk First Aid would detect so many errors it would crash to the desktop or freeze the system.

Shared folders are a convenience feature to make it easier to transfer files in to and out from virtual machines. They date back to the 1990s with SoftWindows and VirtualPC. You would normally set the shared folder to an empty folder on your host computer, so that you can drop files into it, that can subsequently be seen by the VM.


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