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Looking for MasterList CD 2.4

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Hey All!
I looking for MasterList CD 2.4 [K] or Authorizer

As soon as my applesauce is running i can do
V1.2 and 2.0.1

Hi ivanshpak, hoping to help you I have uploaded this .zip file :

It contains :
MasterList CD 1.3 +[k]
MasterList CD 1.4 [k'd]
MasterList CD 2.0.1 +[k]
MasterList CD 2.2 [k'd]

I've not tested them, let me know  ;)

Thank you all, I am very grateful to you for the files, but I am looking for version 2.4 because I have Yamaha CRW2100SXZ

I don't think I've seen v.2.4 in the wild, but any key from previous versions starting with 2.1 will work.

* Why would anyone want to use MLCD, escapes me, to be honest. Why not WaveBurner?


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