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Quicksilver 800 MHz upgrades

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Just curious, what are my options as to upgrading the 800 MHz CPU in my G4 Quicksilver? I'm happy with 800 MHz, I think it's a sweet spot, but if I could chuck in a 933 MHz or higher and it was officially supported, well, that would be alright too!

The more powerfull is the Dual GHz from QS'02, but you will need its heatsink or a dremmel.

QS'01: 733 little cache memory (compared to DA'733), Dual 800

QS'02: 800 (I think little cache memory), 933 and dual GHz

Thank you for the info! I might grab a 933 as I really have no use for dual processors.


Has anybody had any experience overclocking a Quicksilver? How far could I safely push my 800?

for the QS (as opposed to MDDs) there were sonnet cards as proper solution, for boosts up to ~100%, single and dual 1,2, 1.4 and 1.6 when i remember right, the 1.8 model has been pulled one year after release because it went too hot.

in the cube and some graphit G4s you could go from 400/0.5M to 1200/2M with those options. the step from a 733/0M to a 1.4/2M is also a speed boost in that same area.

note that the 733 mostly sucks for not allowing huge disks at the internal IDE.


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