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OS9 Startup Sounds


Hey folks,

I got a Rev A iMac and I want to add a startup sound. I put a few file types in there (I forget which at the moment), but none of them automatically play when the machine starts up.

What type of sound file does the system need to Automatically play it upon startup?

Thank you  :)

For the startup sound as in "sound that will play as the desktop appears", it just need to be a self-playing format (I will have to check on my Ti for the exact codec) that is placed in the System Folder with the exact name "StartupSound".

OTOH, if by startup sound you mean "the chime when you press the power button", it is a more complex and risky endeavor. However, it has been documented if you are not afraid of bricking your iMac:

Thank you. Do let me know if you can determine the type of sound file for the "startup sound". (Yes, when the desktop appears.)

Thank you! I've looked this up and I keep being sent to all sorts of irrelevant things.

8 bit PCM mono ... i think they are called "system seven sound".


I'll look into that. Thanks. I do recall this application.


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