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suggestions for dealing with duplicate files


hey there guys
so i have a crazy amount of files.. lots of doubles.. i need some way of removing the duplicates..

any trusted solution suggestions?

Roxio Toast has a Compare Folders command that can tell you whether the files rooted in two different folders are identical, or whether they differ or are missing on one or the other side. You can use it on anything, not just CDs.

There are command line tools in OSX that will work for finding duplicates if appropriately used. It's kind of a pain to make them handle resource forks but can be done.

I used File Buddy in the past.
What OS are you doing this in?

Never had to use anything like that on OS7-OS9, but, while on OSX, I've used Araxis Find Duplicate Files and for folder content comparisions - Araxis Merge. For large image or archive file comparisions - Hex Fiend (2.1.2) All Intel, although early Araxis versons were PPC too. There's also an app called Dupe Guru, but it somehow didn't convinced me.
Araxis FDF calculates each file's hash on the fly, but, unfortunately, all files that contain resource forks only (many OS7-9 apps) are recognized as 0B in size and all will have the same hash.


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