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my original os9 midi device list
« on: September 21, 2013, 06:14:31 PM »
this is an old version of this information
please refer to
and select a sticky thread for the updated info

hello there
im trying to compile a master list of audio/midi interfaces & controllers supported by os9
this seems to be a vague thing and is somewhat faded into vagueness + obscurity by time.. and the  instantly adopted standard of osx + discardedness of os9..
articles of interest pertaining to midi / sequencing / creation
opcode manual oms
use protools 5 + reason in os9
geethree  stealth serial port for g3/g4/g5 serial midi
The Stealth Serial Port provides a serial port for Macintosh systems that lack a built-in serial port. G4 AGP, B&W G3 and iMac (Rev. A-D) + G5s (new)

keyboards/midi/surface controllers
terrratec midimaster usb

evolution uc33-e (a notable great controller for use with ableton live in os9 as it features its controls mapped out similar to the session view with 1 fader + 3 rotaries per vertical "track" but of course you are free to assign whichever control to whichever element within ableton)

evolution x-session
evolution UC-16
evolution x-session uc-17

evolution mk-449c
evolution  mk-461c
evolution  mk-425c
evolution mk-361c
evolution mk-361
evolution mk-249/mk-249c
evolution mk-225c

doepfer pocket control

Philip Rees C16$T2eC16V,!zQE9s3ssVp!BRj-1zMnlg~~60_35.JPG

miditech controller

EMAGIC EMI 2|6 (no midi)

Emagic EMI 6|2m (MIDI is only available under Mac OS X and Windows XP)
USB Audio & MIDI Interface For Mac & PC

tascam US-122 (os9 driver download link was broken - now fixed!!!!)
driver download:

tascam us-224
driver download:

tascam us-428 (usb/audio interface + control surface /w transport controls)
features 4 simultaneous inputs, 2 simultaneous outputs, 8 faders for control,
2 of the 4 inputs are mic pres, 2 are switchable from line/instrument level or
 toggled to be digital inputs (instead of / not concurrently)
driver download:

edirol um-1s

edirol da-2496

edirol ua-101
edirol ua-100g
edirol ua-1ex (no midi)]
edirol ua-3FX
edirol ua-5
edirol ua-700
edirol fa-101 (possibly one of the last interfaces to have mac os 9 driver support developed + added after 2005, bless you edirol/roland japan!)
Roland ED PC-300

edirol pc-50

(it seems the edirol PCR Mseries was a revise of the original PCR series from 2007 and miraculously they developed os9 drivers.. probably the last ever midi controllers to feature drivers for mac os 9 from a proper manufacturer and not custom driver hacks)

edirol PCR-1

edirol pcr-m1

edirol pcr-30

edirol pcr-a30

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-50

edirol pcr-m50

edirol pcr-80

edirol pcr-m80

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-m50

m-audio RADIUM61 - 8 sliders, 8 knobs, 5 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal
m-audio RADIUM49 - 8 sliders, 8 knobs, 4 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal
m-audio OZONE - midi/audio interface, 2 octaves, 8 knobs, 2x2 24bit audio 96khz, XLRx1, 1/4" TSx1, headphone out
m-audio OXYGEN8
m-audio KEYSTATION PRO 88,85/keystation_pro_88-97757ae222d0999afe84f696fb355f73.jpg
m-audio KEYSTATION 49E
m-audio EKEYS 49
m-audio EKEYS

midi interfaces (usb/serial/otherwise)
aletch midiface lx
midiman macman (mac serial)
midiman mini macman
Midiman Mac Syncman
(2 MIDI IN, 4 MIDI OUT, serial modem in/out, serial printer in/out, SMPTE TAPE in/out)]

midiman midisport uno (usb) (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

m-audio/midiman midisport 1x1  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman midisport 2x2  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)
steinberg usb-2-midi (apparently a midisport 2x2 clone)

BiPort 2x4s mac/pc MIDI interface w/ SMPTE]

midiman midisport 2x4  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision),85/usbmidisport2x4-97bb6be17b6110f193fd83d228982dd8.jpg

m-audio midisport 4x4  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman midisport 8x8  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman/m-audio digipatch - features midi + audio connections but not for use in the traditional sense..
nevertheless features os9 drivers aswell
further description:
Midiman. Midiman
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Re: usb audio/Midi controllers/interfaces supported by os9
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2013, 10:26:33 PM »
if you have a pci capable mac, it may be compatible with this old yamaha sound card
THE YAMAHA SW1000XG wich is also a synthesizer which provides an oldschool serial midiport and is compatible with some macs and pcs..
see these pages:

yamaha sw1000xg Macintosh driver v1.04b6 provides ASIO 2.0 support, and support for multiprocessor Mac systems. This build also cures problems with system freezes when USB keyboards are attached. Supports G3/G4 series Macintosh machines and lower. Mac OS 9.0 only or higher (Mac OSX not supported in this release).

Mac driver v1.04b6 supports the Sawtooth G4 (And Dual processor models)along with the B&W G3 (plus support for older G3 machines) under Mac OS 9.0 (we do not support the driver under Mac OS 8.6). ASIO stability on the Blue & White G3 and G4 machines has been greatly improved. Full OMS support.
You will need to install latest version of Opcode OMS before these drivers.

Please note: If you having trouble un-stuffing this file, we strongly recommend that you download an up to date version of Stuff-It Expander 5.1.2 or higher from Aladdin Systems, which should solve your problems.
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Please add to list...
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2013, 12:02:58 AM »

Don't forget to add the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 Audio Interface

Works incredible under OS 9 (and includes MIDI) and is very low latency with OS 9 ASIO drivers


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Re: usb audio/Midi controllers/interfaces supported by os9
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2013, 03:18:08 AM »

ive just noticed this article claims this mk461c isnt compatible with os9, but the m-audio site lists a driver..
somehow im more apt to believe soundonsound as m-audio can be error prone  ;D


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Re: my original os9 midi device list
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2015, 07:45:22 PM »
drivers for the evolution mk225c
thanks to cyberish

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Re: my original os9 midi device list
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2022, 09:01:52 AM »
is there a chance the Steinberg USB-2-MIDI is a modified Keyspan USA-49WLC USB 4-Port Serial Adapter?
Looking for: Steinberg Cubase MAC Standard/Score v1-5 & Cubase Audio v1, Cubase Audio v2 for, Cubase Audio v3 for DAE/TDM => complete or in parts


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