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Hi, I installed Mac OS 9 9.2 on my Mac mini G4/1.25, with the idea of running Die Hard's InstantDAW. But I ran into a huge problem - I can't find drivers for my audio interface, which is a Digidesign Digi 002. I scoured the web to find drivers for this interface for Mac OS 9, but no luck. I read somewhere that there was an ASIO Digidesign Direct I/O for MacOS, but all the links are dead. If I can't use the interface with Mac OS 9, could I use InstantDAW with Mac Os 10.4 in "classic" mode? But really, I prefer Mac OS 9.

the AM III, 001, and ASIO DIO drivers are made by steinberg and should be on their ftp.

but i guess it is better to get another interface which has "native" ASIO solution.

IIO: (under "hardware")

Thanks for the answers. When I click on the link he gave me, a new browser window opens and no page opens. What should I find there, a driver? I can't find another interface at the moment, and I really like this one, it works great on my other machine, which is a Mac Pro with Mojave OS installed. Also, I really need 8 inputs and outputs, not many firewire interfaces have that many inputs and outputs.

If I am not mistaken, the DigiDesign Digi 002 R (Rack) is not OS 9 friendly, per-se.
Now, if you have an 002 CONSOLE… those reportedly DO work with OS 9.

*I have an 002 Rack here that sits collecting dust after it proved non-functional
with OS 9. NOW… it might work with some flavor of OS X - but I never tried.

BUT… maybe this will help? Read this thread…,5960.msg44396.html#msg44396

OR, this link for Digidesign Pro Tools LE Version 5.3.2 for Digi 002.,2474.msg14181.html

Do please report back with your findings and I may dust mine off
(but I firmly believe that the Rack version is only OS X compatible).

*Anyone in continental U.S. want a Digi 002 Rack for $10.00 plus shipping?
(The $10 is for the hassle of packaging it and I’m interested in trying a new
shipping route: - reportedly saves $$$ over USPS or UPS.)


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