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Camera for G4 MDD


Did Apple bring out an official camera for the G4 Powermacs?

Maybe the iSight?

I have seen iSight with iBook G4 on OSX...but I didn't interested in so much that checked does it support MacOS9, because it did not support PAL-format (768x576)...although that iSight 640x480 is quite good quality.

But, just any DV-camcorder with firewire(iLink) works with MacOS9.

Oh, ha ha… still camera or video?
As far as Apple-made, still cameras specifically for the G4 PowerMacs— NOPE.

Just remembered the Apple (branded) QuickTake cameras 1994-1997… the QuickTake 100 and 150 (made by Kodak) and the QuickTake 200 (Fuji). All three damned funny by today’s standards.

Recent convo with IIO about cameras for the PPCs / and he went with an iPhone 6. Yet, wondering here about “still image” capture with the early iSight (OS X only? or OS 9 with some version of Quicktime, etc.?).

>I just now snagged one on Fleabay.<

As for video and the original iSight… perhaps Bolkonskij (and his penchant for Cornica / ) might also chime in here a bit?

I’ve shot quite a lot of tabletop still images for the forum with an iPhone and question whether an iSight (always connected) might be simply easier for me to do the quick grab shots. And then again, I might just begin creating my own, lower-rez full-length movies? (iMovie or Final Cut Pro?) Could be some fun?

“I’d like to thank the Academy, my momma - and all the fans out there for this award…”  8)

 :) Thanks for the info!


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